Wind Waker Video Shows Off Hero Mode, Treats You Like An Idiot...

But who cares because any time I get the chance to see more Wind Waker HD, I'm happy.

I don't know why I am so excited about Wind Waker's HD re-release. I think part of me feels like Wind Waker was an underplayed, underrated video game — not just by the general public, but for me, personally. I didn't really appreciate the game when it came out. I was as silly as the rest. I wanted Ocarina of Time 2. I was disappointed by the art style. I didn't want to sail on a boat, I wanted to ride around on a horse.

But time has been so kind to Wind Waker, and so harsh on other 3D Zeldas that this Wind Waker HD release is something of a coming out party for one of the best Zeldas ever made. I hope it's well received. I can't wait to play again.


    I loved it at the time but I still haven't played the game as much as I should have. Unlike most backwards compatible and remastered games I actually really want to play the game for the game itself, not just nostalgia.
    It reminds me of how I felt in the olden days when I'd finally buy a game that I'd borrowed or hired for a weekend and never got the chance to finish. Link to the Past was a good example of that. I'd played it heaps before I actually owned it, I'd finished it at least twice, but on the day I finally brought it I was super excited to run through it even though I had new N64 games coming out that I could have got instead.

    Gonna jump straight into Hero Mode. It'll be like Dark Souls: Zelda Edition.

      Yup, same here. Might have to actually use those rupees for potions this time around

        Hero mode for me too. I'm just not looking forward to that series of combat challenges on the first Island ... That was hard enough to begin with. Will probably need that heart piece though!

    Terms "double the damage" and "no hearts" are just such damn hard things to understand. Thank God for this trailer,

    Not sure about others but didnt feel like it was treating me like an idiot

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