Wind Waker Video Shows Off Hero Mode, Treats You Like An Idiot…

Wind Waker Video Shows Off Hero Mode, Treats You Like An Idiot…

But who cares because any time I get the chance to see more Wind Waker HD, I’m happy.

I don’t know why I am so excited about Wind Waker’s HD re-release. I think part of me feels like Wind Waker was an underplayed, underrated video game — not just by the general public, but for me, personally. I didn’t really appreciate the game when it came out. I was as silly as the rest. I wanted Ocarina of Time 2. I was disappointed by the art style. I didn’t want to sail on a boat, I wanted to ride around on a horse.

But time has been so kind to Wind Waker, and so harsh on other 3D Zeldas that this Wind Waker HD release is something of a coming out party for one of the best Zeldas ever made. I hope it’s well received. I can’t wait to play again.


  • I loved it at the time but I still haven’t played the game as much as I should have. Unlike most backwards compatible and remastered games I actually really want to play the game for the game itself, not just nostalgia.
    It reminds me of how I felt in the olden days when I’d finally buy a game that I’d borrowed or hired for a weekend and never got the chance to finish. Link to the Past was a good example of that. I’d played it heaps before I actually owned it, I’d finished it at least twice, but on the day I finally brought it I was super excited to run through it even though I had new N64 games coming out that I could have got instead.

      • Hero mode for me too. I’m just not looking forward to that series of combat challenges on the first Island … That was hard enough to begin with. Will probably need that heart piece though!

  • Terms “double the damage” and “no hearts” are just such damn hard things to understand. Thank God for this trailer,

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