Woman Joins A Game. Things Immediately Get Ridiculous.

If you've played a multiplayer game, maybe you've watched a scene like the one from this episode of Battlefield Friends by Hank and Jed unfold — one where a woman joins your match or squad, and all of a sudden the atmosphere changes.

Archetypes appear. There are people who immediately (and uncomfortably) try to flirt. There are those people who suddenly get really sexist. And there's folks who are completely, completely cool if not indifferent to the situation. Watching them all interact in this skit is kind of hilarious, I gotta say.

Battlefield Friends - Girl Gamer [happyhour]


    I really want to listen to this, but I can't because work. :( Token lol anyway.

    meh I really don't care. The only question is can you play well.

    I used a voice changer in a Gmod server once.
    It's scary as fuck.

    If I'm in a game and I seem to be 'playing it cool', it's because I've muted everyone with a mic. 99 times out of 100 no-one's being helpful to the game so I just run round in my own world

      I would agree with you on this, except (in my experience) TF2's community is normally either objective focused or playing hilariously bad music over their mics. Dunno if that happens in other games, but TF2 has always seemed fairly decent in this respect to me.
      That said TF2 isn't immune to the occasional irritable child, but that's normal in every game.

    It's silly, but I do like battlefield friends

    I don't care what's between their legs if they can pull off consistent head shots while jetpacking.

    I only play multiplayer games with my brother and my girlfriend so 50% of my online friends are female. I'm not sure why i haven't experienced a lot of this but i haven't. I also think that it's probably more productive to treat ignorance with a certain level of empathy as opposed to ridicule. Isn't that what we want? To never, ever ridicule or never, ever make anyone feel insecure about anything. Ever. Because THAT'S ignorance.

      My Mrs plays BFBC2 and she almost never get people acting weird to her. I think BF's audience is more mature than some of the other games though.

      Last edited 28/08/13 9:11 pm

    That's awesome.
    Also see Xbox girls revenge

      Choke me with your big hairy balls!!! hahaha Love that clip.

    Ha, just yesterday i was playing BF3 and one of those few occassions when an ACTUAL girl joined my squad, all these things happenned.

    Mildly amusing until the end; then comedic gold.

    my housemate is 22, hot (not joking) and plays Black Ops 2 religiously. But she refuses to use a mic because of the harassment she gets.

    Its funny when i bring mates over and she's like "can i play?" then they are like "oh sure, ill teach you how" and then she obliterates them round after round. i play along and point out how shit of a player they are compared to a girl. They usually get frustrated and throw the controller at me going "let me see you do better!" but since we play a lot we are evenly matched and just have a duke fest for like an hour.

      She is almost my dream woman. My dream woman may occasionally plug in the headset and play along/sling abuse back.

        she slings abuse back alright. but usually just at the tv screen. Its not as peachy as it seems. She's Kiwi so we are talking dirty language now.

          How am I suppose to be the sleazy guy if shes doesnt talk to me on the mic :P On a serious note, hook a brother up :P

    Nobody plays Battlefield with their vagina so I don't see why it matters.

      mind you, that would be a skill worth putting on your CV if you could....

    Don't give a shit what gender someone is. If they can play the game, or are willing to try and learn, then it's all cool.

    I think propagating the notion that girls or guys are really different in any sense within the context of a game is only evidence of the stupidity and/ or inexperience of the player doing so. I figure by pointing out this kind of thing you're almost encouraging or normalizing it, rather than ridiculing it, which really shouldn't happen anymore (normalizing sexism that is).

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