Xbox One Sizzle Trailer Gives Us Another Look At Next-Gen

Sizzle trailers sure are fun to watch, don't you think? Often more fun than actually playing video games. Well, OK, that's a stretch. Sometimes.

To kick off this week's huge GamesCom conference in Germany, here's a look at Microsoft's latest Xbox One sizzle trailer, which shows off games like Battlefield 4 and Dead Rising 3. Worth noting: not all of these games will be out this year (and some of them will be out for current-gen consoles as well). Enjoy!


    what i find most interesting is the end where it says coming in november, last i heard it didnt have a release window down to a month.

      Nah, it's been known for a while that it would be released in November :) They announced that at E3.

      microsoft have had the release window for the xbox one as November 2013 since E3 which was in June

      The Microsoft E3 press conference aired on Monday, June 10th at 9:30AM. Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would launch in November 2013 and cost $499 in the US.

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      You'd think someone who frequents Kotaku often enough to have an account and post would have, you know...seen E3?

        Don't really appreciate the negativity, I knew it was coming out near the end of 2013 but I guess I forgot that it was specifically stated in November.

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          I apologise. I guess I just found it hard to believe that someone who I assumed was "into games" wouldn't know that November was the release month for Australia. Even JB and EB have pre-order POS around.

    I've been holding off on pre-ordering any games simply because we don't know what will be available day 1. Trailers like this don't help things.

      There's a few lists out there with a complete list of launch titles. Just do a little googlin

        Yeah but as always with launches - games slip, or worse disappear.

        I'll go shopping for day 1 titles at the beginning of October I think.

      I personally have too many 360 games to finish. Ill decide when I pick up my console to get any new games if not a little down the track, I am mainly getting the console for the media side atm. If I can cut down the launch of the YouTube app from 15 minutes it takes on the 360 will help greatly when my little one is cracking it and I want to load up episodes of Small Potatoes. (I know 15min is an exaggeration but 1-2min FEELS like 15 when you have a screaming kid)

        Yeah my current pile of shame is huge too - just can't seem to crack into it as I'm still playing way too much BF 3 - as for load times - just getting to the dashboard on 360 at start-up takes 1 minute 40 for me. So any improvement will be most welcome.

    Halo is the main game we Lan at my Lan this would be a day1 purchase for me

    I'm actually torn here. On one hand, I love the Halo and Forza series - and Titanfall looks fucking amazing to me. But on the other, MS haven't done much to instil faith in the gaming community, and the PS4 looks to be more "game purist" focussed - though I think the only game on the PS platform I'd be interested in is Gran Turismo at this point.

    Either way, I wouldn't be purchasing either near release, and would probably hold off until next year regardless. I guess this will give me time to see how each console pans out, along with their respective titles.

    Or just screw it all and build a gaming PC?

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      How can you say that ps4 is more game focused? Last I checked, xbo had more exclusives and features that make gaming better (fast switching between games).

      To me, Sony have done NOTHING but kept their mouth shut.

    Man I wish games had demos these days, all those shown look great but I'll never purchase them because I can't tell what their gameplay is really like. I'll wait for some lets plays for further information.

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