Xbox One Vs Xbox 360: Voice Chat Edition

Xbox One Versus Xbox 360: Voice Chat Edition

We could write about the aural improvements the Xbox One will enjoy when it comes to voice chat. But why do that when you can just.. listen for yourself?

Here's the Xbox One's voice chat.

And here's the Xbox 360's voice chat:

A noticeable difference, yeah?

[via Major Nelson]


    Mark Serrels could both write about it (at least quote the source) and listen to it.

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    Would this be a dupe post :?

    I'm getting an echo with Kotaku. Anyone else getting that?

    I'm getting over this double post stuff. If it was in a forum, It would be removed. Heck a double post is removed in this comments section.... yet authors cant read their own website to see if its already been reported on???

      Now you see here, the issue is Mark Serrels is the Author for, everyone else who has an article posted here with out a little picture next to their name is a author, they never visit here.

    Am I gonna be able to use my Expensive, high quality, 3rd party headset this time around or my expensive, high quality, 3rd Party Steering wheel? etc. Coz I can use them with my PS3, and I sure aint buying new ones just for the xbone. :\

      Maybe and probably nope. Headsets are possibly going to get an adaptor of sorts, more details to come. They changed the wireless connection for controllers so pretty sure its a big ol nope to any existing stuff (wired might have a chance.... maybe).

        yeah it's dumb! It's also a deal breaker for me. I would have bought both, but currently I see no reason to buy an xbone. And I was a 360 fanboi (well, I played them all, but favored the 360).

        I don't need or want to have 45 different headsets, each for a different console\computer\TV\radio\toaster, and I especially don't want to buy new shittier ones when I've already forked out for good ones. My current peripherals costs more than the xBox One will at release. >.<

        I can see the next-next-gen console from microsoft... it won't be compatible with anything in your house, so you will need to build a new room dedicated just for it. It will come built into a small screen, with upgrade options costing 8x more than a TV from Harvey Norman. It will also come with a new controller, the Chairnekt, where sqeezing of your buttocks controls movement. You will have to purchase some MS licensed speakers, made from tin foil and cardboard. I'm sure these will all need to plug into your controller too, along with a dozen other dumb things I'm sure they can come up with.

    STRALIAN will be clearer now lol

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