You Need To Watch Adventure Time's Intro Redone With Legos

Oh my glob, this is amazing — and it definitely sells you on the idea of an Adventure Time Lego set, yeah? I'm surprised it doesn't exist yet, although it does seem like people are trying to make Lego AT happen.

Alas, for now we'll have to settle for this incredible Adventure Time opening that was redone by cartoonnetwork.

[Via io9]


    ""The uploader has not made this video available in your country"

    seems to work now that they relinked the video...

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      Everytime this happens it make me wanna puke.

      This form of block actually goes completely against what the World Wide Web (not the Internet, that is different) is for: an easy means to share information.

      I understand that some sites privacy is needed (classic example, email services) but this is a video sharing Web site.

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      Please, allow me to do your job for you Kotaku AU

    Lego. Just Lego.

      Say the title, but you have beaten me to it. We need to set this straight, damn it...

      I agree so much but if you want to get really pedantic. From the LEGO website.

      please help us to protect our brand name:
      • The LEGO® brand name should always be written in capital
      letters .
      • The LEGO brand name must never be used as a generic
      term or in the plural or as a possessive pronoun, e .g .
      “LEGO’s” .
      • When the LEGO brand name is used as part of a noun, it
      must never appear on its own . It should always be accompanied by a noun . For example, LEGO set, LEGO products,
      LEGO Group, LEGO play materials, LEGO bricks, LEGO
      universe, etc .
      • The first time the LEGO brand name appears it must be accompanied by the registered symbol ® .
      • Thank you for helping us!

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        ...Those are some rather strict guidelines and is it just me or do kids these days seem really lucky. with all the lego video games they get to enjoy the fun of lego without having to experience the horror of stepping on it.

          Soon we'll enter an era where you'll be able to use your 3D printer to print our the parts from your favourite LEGO game and build them yourself - then a whole new generation will have the fun of stepping on them.

    kotaku com au



    "This video not avalable in your country"


    This is what we get for not living in the land of freedom y'all.
    God bless 'merika

    Well that's just great. Youtube is being racist again.

    Here is a link that works, for now..

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