Your Handy Dandy (Satirical) Guide To Becoming YouTube Famous

If you've ever watched a YouTube video, chances are you've come across the tactics JelloApocalypse makes fun of here — methods which people use to try to get YOUTUBE FAMOUS. Heck, if you've ever made YouTube videos, you might even be guilty of some of this stuff!

I for one find it hilarious when people mash their favourite Evanescence song with their favourite fan art. Asking me to like or subscribe before I've even watched your video or know what you're about? Not so much. Don't even get me started on Let's Plays with awful commentary, or using thumbnails that aren't at all representative of what the actual video shows. (Yes, they're doing exactly that for effect/to highlight the absurdity here.)

Welcome To YouTube! [JelloApocalypse]


    I think the Giz article for this was better.

    It didn't list half the jokes in the video.

      Link please! :)

      That Patricia sure loves listing everything worthwhile from the video in the article.
      Every video, every article.

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