Guess What YouTube's Most Subscribed Channel Is

Guess What YouTube's Most Subscribed Channel Is

Apparently the fans outweigh the haters, because PewDiePie is the number one (#1) most subscribed YouTube channel. In the world. Of all the channels. Even over Rihanna. And Justin Bieber.

Good job, Internet. I knew I could count on you to love video games more than cheesy pop music.

He's got over 11.9 million subscribers and more than 2.2 billion video views. Say what you will about his content, but damn. Those are lots of numbers.

But actually one of the more fascinating details is that in general the top channels are all video game related. Rooster Teeth, Machinima, Freddiew, Smosh. It's no secret that gamers populate most of YouTube, but it's nice to see that in chart form. Everyone loves charts. (I prefer pies.)



    Legitimate question.

      Gamers use the internet more than any other social group, plus, we tend to know more about how to make life easy for ourselves. There'd be a half billion 12 year old girls out there that search for Bieber every time they go to Youtube rather than subbing

        I think he meant "how does anyone actually sit through even one of pewpewdie's videos."

          Because people find him enjoyable, doesn't mean you have too...

            I know dude, just having a laugh. I personally love some things that many people consider to be terrible. Lady Gaga for example.

      He may also be receiving a spike in views/subbers right now as he's got his charity thing going on the weekly Humble Bundle along side the very popular EA Humble Bundle, just a thought atleast.

    but isn't Pewdiedpie the pop music of lets play-ers?

      Exactly, Pop music isn't the best, yet it is by far the most popular form of music, hence the name

    Gotta say Pewdiepie is overrated. I hadn't heard of him since half way through this year watching another lets player (markiplierGame) and after a few videos he got annoying. But I think it's just me because markiplierGame got more annoying the more popular he became.

    This is the first time I've ever heard of him. Good to see I know exactly as much as I want to know about YouTube "personalities/entertainers/whatever else they like to call themselves", aka nothing.

      I'd only heard his name in passing. Just decided to check out what the fuss was.... I lasted less than 10 seconds before I slammed that tab closed.
      If that's peoples idea of a popular gamer, I don't know what the hells going on and what my hobby is. Is this Bro-gaming?

      Kotaku WANT you to look him up, to see what the fuss is about. Even if you don't subscribe, you are a viewer - and we have a self fulfilling prophecy.
      Lot's Wife I'm not - I will NOT look ! [The comments of others are warning enough]

    I am subscribed, but I only watch the videos that are compilations of him screaming while he plays horror games. Those are hilarious.

    I don't really understand the hate, it seems to run deeper than "something I don't like is popular so I must hate it". Pewdiepie seems like a nice enough guy, and people like watching Let's Play videos. It's harmless fun. I'm more of a Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter fan myself, but some of the Pewdiepie videos are alright.

    Never heard of him. Maybe you should do a community asks of what the community's favourite channels are?

      Second both of those statements......

      I've been an active consumer and participant in online gaming culture for as long as I can remember, and I've never heard of this dude. I still don't understand how people find the time to watch subscribed video feeds on YT though. Isn't gaming about actually *playing* the games?

    I've only heard of him through people being down-voted for comparing him to dunkey on dunkey's channel.


    Proud to be one of those 11.9 million subscribers.

    WRONG! Check all of Tobuscus' accounts views and subscribes and he has the most. He has multiple accounts, combine them and he beats PewDiePie by a looooooooong shot!

    Interestingly by number of views he's only at #15 (Machinima is 1st, Rihanna 2nd, Bieber 3rd).

    However, on the 7 day figures he's still well ahead of the pack, so presumably he'll be catching up soon. By current view figures he should hit #1 in a couple of years, but he's also picking up new subscribers pretty quickly so it will probably be less than that.

    It's hard to think of a Let's Player worse than PDP. With people like the Yogscast and Dunkey around, why the Hell would anyone ever subscribe to this idiot?

    I've been trying to resolve internally just how this happened... Initially I was thinking confirmation bias, herd mentality, similar psychological effects whereby popular things only get more popular because they're popular - like people choosing an app based on a high number of stars rather than trying out an app which is new and hasn't received any ratings yet. Things sort of snowball from there, and that's simple and understandable.

    Where my train of thought keeps derailing is how the hell did he get to be one of the 'popular' choices in the first place? Baffling.

      I watched a minute and thought, WTF is this downy retard doing, talk like a normal person before i dig a shallow grave hunt you down and put you in it.

      We as a race deserve to be wiped out by aliens, this guy is the epitome of that reason.

      You're in luck! MatPat from The Game Theorists made a video a few weeks ago to answer your exact question in gruesome detail:

    PewPewwhatnow... *googles... *watches.... #1 you say? That's enough internets for me today.

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned how much he's earning from these stats: on average, somewhere between $3,000 and $30,000 PER DAY. This means he earns somewhere between $1m and $10m per year. If I was being paid that much to act like an idiot on Youtube I'd gladly do so - he seems to enjoy it!

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