11-Year-Old Kid Gets Grand Theft Auto V, Freaks The Hell Out

I have two immediate reactions to this video. 1) Really? REALLY?

2) What are these parents thinking?

Apparently a store in France started surreptitiously selling copies of Rockstar's highly-anticipated blockbuster a few days early. And apparently parents need to pay more attention to rating labels. Kids who can't even look at Grand Theft Auto V's box without flipping out should really not be playing this game. There are like, hookers. And murder.


    Proof that bad parenting knows no borders

      I have a 12 year old cousin. When he came over all he talked about was how awesome GTA, Assassins Creed 3 and CoD Blackops is. So while he was over I tried to get him to play more 'age appropriate games' to show him that there is nothing wrong with them. His mom passed the TV while he was playing Infamous 2 and freaked out because Nixx was in skimpy cloths.

      I honestly don't think parents know any more and kids that young, in my opinion, just do it cause it's cool, not because they can appreciate the use of mature content for the reasons that they are used. I mean, said cousin has an iPhone and all he wants for Christmas are iTunes cards to buy albums, and again the albums he buys are just the ones that are 'trendy' amoungst adults. Crazy I tell you.

        Kids don't want 'mature' games. Sit them down with Heavy Rain and they'll be bored pretty soon.

          I'm 12, I've played heavy rain... Loved it...

        In my personal opinion 12 is older enough to play black ops. I would imagine they'd find AC boring though. Although honestly, I can't imagine they'd be that good at any of the games.

        I was around that age when Duke 3D came out and I played that and every FPS before it. I turned out fine :)

        I've honestly never played a GTA game to be honest. I will get GTAV when/if it's on PC. I do imagine they couldn't get the actual experience of that kind of game though.

          What are you guys all talking about? Kids love all kinds of games. Only 6 years ago I was 12 and I found half life and fahrenheit the best games ever. I regret only finding about heavy rain recently. Stop talking down on consumers and just understand their are some kids who are too sensitive for whatever reason. No video game was ever boring, because every video game was a gift for mankind. I admit, my only fear in life is that my own children will find what I find interesting, boring.

      Further evidenced by the fact this video was filmed in portrait.


    So ah next time some news broadcaster brings up how violence comes from video games they should look at this.

    That's gonna be me tomorrow... and I'm a grown ass man.

    Not going to comment on the parenting, but am curious... would all the dialogue in their version be spoken in French?

    In Europe, GTAV is just a 10th birthday party simulator. People play it out of nostalgia.

    This should be evidence enough to prove its bad parenting to blame for messed up kids not video games, any parent who allows there 11 yr old to play GTA needs to be spoken too.

    /File this away for the next time someone blames the game and not the parents

      You don't get to decide what's suitable for someone elses kid. If he's violent, THEN you can pass judgement, but until you have proof that he is, back off.

        Sure we do; it's called "Society". If you don't like being judged by other peoples standards, go live in a cave.

        This comment removed for probably being too mean... and accurate

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        "You're training your kid to be an axe murderer? Well, that's fine, we'll see how he turns out..."

        "You beat your kid every day then tie him down with his eyelids taped open to watch porn? Well, that's your right as a parent..."

        There are reasons why there are people paid to go into the community and make sure that kids are treated properly. "Treated properly" can include stuff like NOT being exposed to material that is deliberately designed for adults and may be unsettling or even traumatic for children. Abuse can be mental as well as physical.

        It is your RESPONSIBILITY as a parent to ensure that your kids are raised safe and sane. Deliberate exposure to highly violent and sexual content is, very arguably, copping out on that responsibility.

        Really dude? I mean, I let my kids see me playing some r rated games sometimes. But I tell them to close their eyes when scary stuff happens. And I sure as shit don't tell anyone, because it's not cool what I'm doing!

        Strong images stick with little kids for a long time and it affects their view of the world. It's uncool to give them R rated media to play by themselves.

          The fact that you don't tell anyone shows you know it's wrong but you still let them play M rated games. Not telling anyone (btw, you just did...) doesn't make it ok, it just says that you don't want people to confront you about it. To me, that's worse than just being ignorant about Video game ratings.

    I don't care if a kid plays GTA, I've been playing GTA since I was 5 but seriously what a BITCH. Who the shit cries over getting a game.

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      The French. That's why they've never won a war etc :P

        It's just that, you know, that whole "cheese eating surrender monkey" thing. They've had it on a national level for some time now, but it seems it's possibly deeply ingrained on a parental level, especially if they're giving in to whiny kids like this. My advice would be for this kid would be no GTA V until he's had his spoon full of cement mix to harden the fuck up.

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          Did you just make an assessment on an entire civilization based on one kid getting a video game and crying?

          You do realize how nuts that logic is right?

          One kid cries getting a video game,
          He's French,
          Therefore the racist generalization saying the French are a weak people is correct.

          Don't tell me you didn't have embarrassing moments of awkward weakness when you were a kid, either, because I wouldn't believe it for a second.

          And what is your problem with eating cheese anyway? I fucking love cheese.

          I don't know man. I don't think I can agree with you.

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            Wow, making a flippant comment about douchebag parents who let their very young, bratty kid play GTA with a pop culture reference thrown in for good measure. My god, I'm pure evil. Your name is definitely well deserved, Captain. I'm sorry I've wasted your time here when you could be raging at random people on Youtube.

              Wow, making a flippant comment about douchebag parents who let their very young, bratty kid play GTA with a pop culture reference thrown in for good measure. My god, I'm pure evil.

              You made a comment about how French people are "cheese eating surrender monkies." You're not a dick because you made a comment about shitty parents, you're a dick because you were being racist.

              How many French people do you know? How much of French culture do you understand? I'm going to say not a lot, considering you think that because they lost a few wars in history that their entire civilisation has surrender "ingrained on a parental level."

              As I said, your logic is nuts. Take a few deep breaths and think before you denounce an entire nation on the crying of a child.

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                Jesus, let it go. Get a hobby, or get laid, do something other than pissing and moaning because someone on the internet said something to get your panties in a twist. Honestly, Mr. Scrote sir, if you're having a meltdown over this, you need to seriously grow a pair. I'd love to see you getting trash talked in-game, Christ you'd be hilarious!

        the french has won more often than any other countries that exist today.

        Battle of Hastings?

          Normans.... Not the French. They were technically Vikings....

            There were more French that Normans in William's army, and the Normans had been integrated into French society for more than a century by the time the invasion came about. They may have been ethnically Germanic, but they were culturally French.

    I guess where going to be reading about a shooting spree in France soon.

    But, but, but, video game journalists have taught me that video games don't cause violent behavior in kids, so ... why is this a problem?

      Because they're still full of content completely inappropriate for children to consume. Just because they don't cause violent behaviour doesn't mean it's okay for kids to play them.

        Why is it 'inappropriate' and not OK for kids to play these games if they have no adverse effects that people can point out?

        I'm just playing the devil's advocate here because I'm curious what the effects actually are.

        EDIT: I probably didn't state it clearly, but I agree that we should not be subjecting kids to such themes. They should be free to live their childhood without losing their innocence to this stuff.

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          Hmmm, well, I can only draw some parallels here since a lot of "games don't cause violence" studies are around it being no different from other entertainment mediums.
          So, consider Fight Club. R18+ movie, doesn't cause people to go crazy and attack strangers, but probably not appropriate for an 11 year old to watch. Similar situation?

          I remember watching the Ninja Turtles movie at school when I was about 10, and post movie kids were going bonkers just kicking each other and trying all sorts of crazy shit... definitely a regrettable movie choice by the teachers.

          Point is, kids ARE impressionable, especially at 11. So whilst i'm not saying that if your kid views violence they'll take out a school, if they do view rampant drug use, sex and violence there is a high chance they will think it's ok and even mimic what they can.

          Having played a bit of GTAV, I can tell you that the game is SO heavy on the drug use, sex and (of course) violence... which is thoroughly entertaining to me as an adult, but there is no way i'd be subjecting a child to it.

          Hell, one of the early side missions has you record a youthful TV star taking it up the @*** so you can sell it on the internet for money.

            Yeah I agree, I probably wouldn't subject my kids to this either.

            Have there been any good studies on the long-term effects of these themes in films/games that are worth digging up and reading?

          I saw poultergeist when I was 8 and it really freaked me out.

          I just wasn't ready for that kind of thing when I was that age.

            I saw Aliens when I was that age too and it freaked me out for a while. Couldn't sleep properly. It's one of my favorite films now. :D

            OMG that scene with the floor eating the girl... i watched that through the hallway when i was 5.... mannn i'll never forget how scared i was of the lounge room rug for the next couple of years.

              I remember the huge skull coming through the doorway and just lost my mind. I was trembling and everything.

        So, the violence won't affect them but the rest of the content is inappropriate for kids? Gotcha.

          The violence might not make them violent, but that doesn't mean it won't (for instance) give them nightmares. I don't think Nightmare on Elm Street is going to make a kid kill other people through their dreams, but I certainly wouldn't show it to them.

            I'll be getting GTA tonight but I won't let my kids anywhere near it because I absolutely believe violent games are capable of causing violent behaviour in kids.

      This... is a joke question, right?

      Most of the studies on the effects of video game violence have been on adults, not on kids.

      You can't really do that sort of study on kids because (1) it would arguably be child abuse and (2) exposing the kids would probably be illegal.

      So the question of whether video game violence will incline a child to violence isn't fully resolved. The basic argument on video game violence is that we, as adults, can typically distinguish between reality and fantasy and realise that shooting somebody in the face is something that should be limited to fantasy. The exact age when a child can make that distinction varies, but society assumes that 18 (or 15 for somewhat milder stuff) is a safe place to draw the line.

      This doesn't mean that everybody instantly develops that faculty at age 18, but that age 18 is a reasonable age to assume that pretty much everybody can make that distinction.

      The stories you're talking about usually focus on the issue for adults, and usually the journalists in question either explicitly say the material is unsuited for kids, or remain silent on the issue. If you know of counterexamples, please indicate where they can be found.

        Do you need a study on everything before you can make a decision upon whether it's a good idea or not?

    Was just in France, more so Paris last week and the amount of Gta advertising I saw was crazy. Every second bus had the poster and all the major intersections.

    I wish I stayed a little longer and I would've performed an intervention and removed the game from little Timmy Waterworks' hands.

    I cant even afford the damn thing at the moment...
    damn it...

    I'm more interested in knowing what rockstar's reaction is to the game store selling copies early? I thought they were quite strict when it comes to release dates of their games?

    He'll be alright once he's had some wine. :D

    Get off the parents back you lot, seriously. We all consumed media full of violence and sex at that age, don't pretend otherwise. Their kid their choice. Nobody, not the government, and certainly not any of us, has the right to parent someone elses kid.

      I don't agree with you.

      We all have a right to comment on this video. They want to upload it, they will sure as hell be scrutinized for it.

      If you had played the game (read my comments above), you would know why this is clearly a case of bad parenting.

      At the age of 11, I sure as hell wasn't subjected to the kind of content that is prevalent from the VERY START of the game.

      I only have a problem with it if little Timmy starts swearing because he heard it in the game and the parents turn around and blame the game rather than themselves. Raise your kids how you want, but also take responsibility for them too.

      Plus I may just be turning into an old man and remembering things through rose tinted glasses, but I think the worst I played around 12 years old was Mortal Kombat on the Megadrive (ABACABB for the blood code, yo) which is pretty tame by today's standards.

    I'm hoping that the parents know the kid well enough to know whether there is anything in there that may upset the child.
    I grew up watching horror movies, and I'm pretty immune to them, but I would never take anyone that doesn't like horror to a horror movie regardless of age.
    In this game, the violence wouldn't concern me. Research shows that if the child is aggressive, violent games can feed that aggression. Aside from the violence, do the parents really want to expose him to the sexual content?

      He's a boy living in France. I think he's been exposed to enough sexual content by now to be smart about it.

        Sure, sex and nudity is more natural in Europe, I agree... but you can't just group all kinds of sexual acts in with what is shown more often on Euro TV.

        I hardly think prime time viewing consists of picking up hoes for blowjobs, S&M and recording someone doing it doggy style...

        C'mon... just because the 'natural' act of sex is not taboo in Europe, doesn't mean all European kids are exposed to all manner of 'sexual content'.

    This doesn't mean that its bad parenting and giving kids games which are for mature audiences. Bad Parenting comes in to picture when the parents are only screwed up (nut case) and they don't pay attention to their children. Parents should teach their children the etiquette of life and behavior. Just by giving games which are for mature audience doesnt really mean that kids are going to go out and do the stuffs which are shown in the game. At least they learn what things exist in the real world through games and then parents should guide them what is right and wrong. If parents are only doping what do u expect they would teach their kids.

    So we'll see that he shot his parents on the news soon? And that it's the fault of GTA V??

      Damn I was just writing that. Too slow I suppose. But yes. Two weeks from now when he shoots his Nana. Rock star will have to release a press statement.

    This kid's gonna grow up to be anti-social, sexualize women, and shoot some people. Because he played GTA V when he was 11. I wouldn't wanna be living in France by the time he's 18.

    It used to be that TV would be blamed for most misbehaviour, and now its videogames. It goes without saying that they can be as violent as real life, much like TV,even so, these games are made with ratings for a reason, to advise parents about the suitability of the content for their children. In the end it is up to the parents discretion on whether they believe their children are responsible, well adjusted and mentally stable enough to play these games.

    that said, lets not overlook the therapeutic benefits of being able to relieve ones stress and anger through dismembering fictional animated characters on a videogame in the safety of ones home.

    The kids gonna grow up to be a crime lord now.

    But seriously: wtf?!

    If one of the reasons it took so long for us to get an R18 rating for games was about children getting access to these games. Then why is it okay for parents to buy the games for their children? Isn't it because of those sort of people that we had to wait so long for a rating?

      Can't do anything about parents circumventing the rules. It's always going to happen. Pretty sad though. The parents who did this would probably think this whole conversation is hilarious.

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