115 League Of Legends Champions, Voiced Perfectly By One Girl

YouTuber Elspeth clearly had a lot of fun mimicking the voices of all 115 League of Legends champions — especially when she impersonates the male champs. But all of them are very well done.

My favourite? Definitely the murr-murring of Kassadin around the 2:01 mark. What's yours?

Voicing ALL League of Legends Champions (EVEN THE MEN!) - Lucian Era [ratedEwithElspeth, YouTube]


    Obviously there's a bit of audio effects for some of them, but damn she's got some talent there.
    She's should do voice acting or something.

    I love the mini bloopers.

    Played maybe 4 of those champion's , mostly ashe as I suck bad with melee in moba well I suck at anything moba lol but they all sounded pretty good

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    Is this an old story? Or has a similar story been put on here before?

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