12 Minutes Of Awesome-Looking Metal Gear Solid V Footage

Want to know how an open-world design is going to change the stealth in the next Metal Gear Solid game? Feast your eyes on this then.

The video above shows off a long demonstration of MGS V from Sony's Tokyo Games Show livestream last night. Snake looks better than ever, doesn't he?


    Normally my 'fun' only lasts about 30 seconds. But thanks to Kotaku that's 12 whole minutes of bliss!

    On a serious note, I hope you can turn those symbols above people's heads off for some extra realism. And mmmmm, bullet time.

      Probably; it's Metal Gear. It wouldn't be right if you couldn't turn off assists

    This looks incredible. Some more forgiving stealth mechanics, though, by the look of things. The slow-mo window to cancel out a "!" seems particularly hand-holdy. Unsure whether that will increase the fun or not.

    I laughed a little when Snake pulled the guard off the three metre high watch tower, and the guy apparently died... and then Snake just jumped down when he was finished :P

    Some other mechanics seem really clever, though. Can't wait to play this one.

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      Have you played splintercell blacklist yet?
      Do that.
      It's honestly better than this appears to be...

      Last edited 20/09/13 2:32 pm

    I watched this and then everything became covered in vomit and tears, due to my emotions being completely overwhelmed.

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