14 Minutes Of Watch Dogs Looking Like One Of 2013's Best New Games

One of my colleagues has been swooning over this new video of Watch Dogs. You should check it too!

The nearly 15-minute video shows a version of what I saw of the game last May — a section of Ubisoft's open-world adventure that helps explain why this is one of the big late 2013 video games we're most excited about here at Kotaku. The narrator in the video is the game's animation director, Colin Graham.

Watch Dogs will be out this November for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. November 15 for PS4, November 22 for Xbox One and November 19 for the other machines.


    Watchdogs will have some extra features with DirectX 11, so this game will be a little better on PC and XB....not that I'm overly concerned over slight graphics improvements

      I preordered it for the Wii U.
      I hope that the graphics are still decent. My mind keeps thinking back to this trailer.


      I know what Morin said, but I can't shake the feeling.

      Open gl can do everything dx can do, it even does somethings faster, just depends on how well the dev ports it from dx to open gl... As a matter of fact, a lot of features appear on open gf first. My lecturer has worked in numerous big devs and he has told us many a time that the only reason a game has preference of dx over open gl is purely cos its less effort if they just ignore open gl all together. Why do you think that mac and linux don't often get amazing ports?

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        They just said slightly softer edges on moving objects......nothing really that drastic

      Ah, 40% better GPU in the PS4... DirectX cant fix that.

        Even BF4 is having issues on the ps4....but they said it will be fixed by launch, so I'm sure your right

          To be fair, BF4 is a cross gen multiplat game where the devs are so busy with so many consoles.... And now they are making a mobile version (yet not even a vita ver) using Frostbite GO... Seems like they are just a little overworked tbh.


          Also note the most up voted comment. The added RoP's with the memory bandwidth will most likely mean that the PS4 will have better anti-aliasing on top of any performance gains.

          Graphics dont mean everything and early days say very little. All I'm saying is that The xbox one may end up better in many many ways, but I doubt it will be graphically.

          Also, we cant expect to judge console performance by cross-generation games. They are almost always under performers (Technically) due to pushing for 'equality' on too many systems.

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            Agreed, fun with my friends over graphics anyday.... I love games like terrieria and mine craft, don't need flash graphics...actually in fact I'm having a minecraft Lan on the 14th....great co-op Lan games ftw on any format :D

    The hacking into another persons game looks great! Cannot wait.

      lol this can work as a troll :p

    I also noticed that at no point did the straps on his jacket, or any part of his jacket clip through anything else. I know it's a small detail, but I hate when textures from a character clip through the environment.
    So it's nice to see that.

      THIS times a million. It's one of those things that bugs me in the biggest way. Especially in Assassin's Creed. That game has amazing costumes and clothing and fabric but that shit just clips like there's no tomorrow. Bungie's Destiny gameplay demo at E3 opens with a bad example of clipping:


      The Fallen's fabric clips right through the roof of the car. When I watch it it's all I see. I can't unsee it!!!

      In fact, this has been one of my biggest hopes for next-gen consoles (no I'm not sarcastic) that there'll be improvements with so much stuff clipping. It's a really distracting occurrence that obliterates the flimsy immersion video games provide.

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    Was there a really quick drug deal at 0:50?

      Also, I like how he parks the car properly and walks at a normal pace into the store. We've all played open world games, what really happens is we smash through a few bins, knock down a street light, skid into the middle of the footpath and run into the gun store like an Olympic sprinter.

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