18 Very Funny Grand Theft Auto V Glitches

Any game as sprawling as GTA V is gonna have some bugs and glitches. As it turns out, some of those glitches are very amusing.

This video, compiled from a number of YouTube videos by AmazingFilms247, has some glitches that I sort of wish would happen in my game. I didn't know Michael could ride a bike like that!

For a complete list of the videos included in the compilation, check out the YouTube video description.


    Im calling bullshit on a couple of these, look distinctly like the low gravity cheat from San Andreas and a few others.

      Yup.. I agree.

      Having said that, there does seem to be a few legit ones here.. though none I've actually come across in my 35 odd hours of play..

        Oh absolutely theres some definite glitches but some are just cheats plain and simple.

    After all these years my favourite thing about open world games continues to be when they break in insane ways, part of me hope that Bethesda, Rockstar and others never get all of this ironed out.

    Hahahaha, some of these are hilarious. I love the last one :D

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