2010’s Raunchiest Strategy RPG Is Returning Soon On PC

Three years ago, a rather… naughty Japanese-made console SRPG turned quite a few heads when it arrived in North America. Now, Record of Agarest War is back and headed for the PC.

The port, named Agarest: Generations of War after the European version, will be released on the third of October and can be pre-ordered through Steam at a 20 per cent discount.

Pre-Purchase Now – Agarest: Generations of War [Steam]


  • I clicked on this game’s Steam ‘coming soon’ link completely by accident and thought it looked like a pretty awesome thing. Reminiscent of FF tactics. Had never heard anything about it.

    Didn’t know about the raunchy stuff. Raunchy? Added bonus!

  • I must be missing out. I’ve finished the game and never got anything I would consider “Raunchy”. Maybe I just missed the event triggers or something. Regardless of click-bait titles though, Agarest, while a very long game, isn’t that bad and the combat is full of strategy. Positioning is very important, as is how you do your combos. One very important tip I have is make sure you develop all of the items you can at the Blacksmith because it will screw you late in the game if you don’t.

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