A Camera Strapped To The Back Of A Real Eagle Is Just...Wow

This is what happens when a GoPro camera is strapped to the back of an eagle. You get the world's greatest third-person (third-bird?) view.

The footage was captured in France. I'd love to see the video of how he got his camera back.

Flying eagle point of view [YouTube]


    I must find more footage like this, that was awesome. See how the bird kept flying really close to the trees? The bird was like an adrenaline-seeker in one of those flying suits going really close to obstacles.

    This is how I would like to fly - soaring, with plenty of time to look at the scenery! The best part is that it's not in slow motion. When those "daring young men in their flying suits" are filming themselves, it has to be slowed down because of their high speed, and every split second reaction counts.

    Looks like he's flying around Skyrim....with all the graphical mods :P

    that just makes me wish i could fly around freely and easily.

    god dammit bird, fly straight, don't you know I have obsessive compulsive tendencies and this video is painfully difficult to watch.

    i was waiting for the eagle to swoop on an unsuspecting gerbil. pity.

    That was amazing, and just reinforced my love for birds. I wonder how long it took the eagle to adjust to the camera being on its back though.

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