Guns For The Call Of Duty Generation

Here’s a documentary by Motherboard about “smart weapons”, or guns with scopes that incorporate HUDs that help even novices pull off one-shot-one-kills. The gun does all the accuracy calculations for you.

Fascinating stuff, and, yes, they do talk about people who play games.


  • Interesting. I knew that tech couldn’t be far away when Bushnell brought out their ranging scope. Though with a quality “normal” scope costing anywhere from $1000 to $2000 I can’t imagine how much this scope would cost. I’m guessing a hell of a lot. Which puts it out of the price range of most users other than military and other government forces.
    For the skill part of it though, you still need rounds capable of some very small grouping. It takes skill, tools and knowledge just to make them up.

    • But you can still get a really good scope for <$100 that will do the job fine. Or at least you could back when I was shooting.

      • It would be next to impossible to find any scope brand new under $100 now. A quality scope will set you back a lot more than that. Most Leupold and Nightforce scopes start at about $1000.

        • Yeah but just guessing here, I’m thinking that your standards for scopes are really, really high.

          I’d probably be happy with something a lot more basic than what you use. As long as it has crosshairs and doesn’t lose it’s settings I’m happy.

          • Haha, nah mate. I use low end scopes. Just trying to put the cost of what they’re showing here into context. Also comparing it to what the military already use.

    • The cost is irrelevant so long as it works out cheaper than the training cost, salary and lifetime benefits for the second man on a sniper team.

      • I’m just trying to put it into context for civilian use. I suppose the hardware has to start somewhere though. We may see an affordable version within 10 years.

        • Oh totally, but I mean big picture if the US Army or something took it up the civilian market would be an afterthought as far as sales and pricing is concerned

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