A New Mario Statue Line Begins With The Perfect Plumber Outfit

A New Mario Statue Line Begins With The Perfect Plumber Outfit

First 4 Figures and Nintendo are launching a new series of Mario statues, and what better version of of the iconic Italian than the one that’s already halfway there? Gotta love the old Tanooki suit.

This is my Mario. Whenever I think of the good old days of gaming, I recall sitting in front of a tiny colour television with a couple of friends playing Super Mario Bros. 3. I’d get the Tanooki suit and take flight. Then I’d excitedly trigger its statue form and fall to my death. “Mr Tanooki, get out of the water!” we’d yell. I can’t remember why.

First 4 Figures’ Tanooki Suit Mario is a wonderful rendition of that furry little bastard, looking back at his tail as if to say, “Dude, I have a tail.” That’s pretty much how I’d react.

Yes, it’s technically Tanooki Mario from Super Mario 3D Land, but it’s close enough to make no odds.

Tanooki Mario is 15 inches tall from striated base to the tip of his ears, cast in polystone resin and painted by hand. The standard edition, limited to 2000 pieces, runs $US199.99.

But this is First 4 Figures, so of course there’s an exclusive version. Rather than light-up features or a special paint job, the exclusive version of Tanooki Mario comes with a leaf. Of course he does.

The leaf raises the price to $US239.99, and only 750 of this version will be made, so it’s a really rare leaf. Both versions are available for preorder at First 4 Figures, shipping in Q1 of 2014.

This is a fine way to kick off a new line. Assuming they stick with the suit motif, which Mario would you want to see cast in resin next? My vote’s for Mario in a boot.


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