Activison Releases New Mobile Call Of Duty

Activison Just Released A New Mobile Call of Duty

Today, Activision is rolling out Call of Duty: Strike Team, a $7.49 mobile-exclusive Call of Duty title for iOS devices. The game offers a full-fledged story campaign taking place in 2020, and a survival game mode with leaderboards.

Both game modes can be played in either the usual run and gun first-person mode, or in a much more tactical top-down view, which gives you a better look at the map and lets you control your squad mates better.

Activison Just Released A New Mobile Call of Duty

The game features a level-up system, used to unlock weapons, perks and armour. In-app purchases are available in-game to speed up the levelling process, which, of course, gives access to equipment faster.

If you'd like to check the game out, you can do so here. Alternatively, you can watch us play the game's first 12 minutes here.

All-new Call of Duty: Strike Team game released for iPhone and iPad [The Guardian] Call of Duty: Strike Team [iTunes]


    "Alternatively, you can watch us play the game’s first 12 minutes here." - This link is broken

    Edit: Fixed now

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    And again te vita seems like a waist of time.

    - Edit, after watching that gameplay and playing Killzone on the vita... I don't think it would have been a good idea to have that on vita :P

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