After 82 Days This Man Finally Received His OUYA Console

A few weeks back we told the story of Giles, an early backer of the OUYA Kickstarter who, 77 days after the console's official retail launch, still hadn't received his console, despite the fact that OUYA had guaranteed backers and early version of the console before launch.

It was a customer service disaster. In an attempt to move things along Giles had put together a collection of all his correspondence with OUYA on a makeshift website, hoping it might spur certain people into action.

It looks as though it may have worked.

This morning we received an email from Giles. Just over a week ago he finally received his OUYA.

OUYA got back to Giles, offering a refund or a console — his choice — and when Giles chose a console it was sent out to him relatively quickly. His ticket it now closed — and this time, for the right reason.


    I wonder if waiting that long makes it even more disappointing when it finally arrives? :P

    Complains at 77 days, gets his console at 82 days... as life has taught me, complaining gets you everywhere.

    After all the dicking around, they should have refunded him, and given him a console.

    I didn't back and it arrived not long after launch, haven't turned it on for a while now though.

    Sadly he may have his issues resolved but there's countless others still getting shafted by Ouya's (lack of) support.

    Yeah it's a pretty disappointing console.

    I mean, it got SLIGHTLY better with the launch of the official XBMC app, but even that is fairly disappointing. At least it plays MKVs properly now.

    Does he have really low ceilings or no seats? Why's he crouching like that? Is the Ouya really heavy which is why it took ages to deliver? He should play us a song. That's a weird light. He could trip over that wire if he's not careful.

    I have the same carpet. It's the worst carpet ever,


      I had that carpet at my old place. It was like kneeling on sandpaper.

      It looks like they are using it in many new cheap and expensive apartments now to cut costs.

    Mine arrived only a couple of weeks before Giles' - I'm still waiting for them to ship me the right power adapter...

    Ouya has been a major disappointment.

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