After Turning On A PS4, You Can Do All Of This

In an interview over at the PlayStation Blog, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida shared a few thoughts about the PlayStation 4's interface — or rather, the most recent demonstration of the interface.

"What I showed [at gamescom] was only a small portion of the UI," Yoshida revealed, adding that the system's social aspect was something they "really wanted to show off." He went on to describe what happens when the console's turned on: "The minute you boot up, you'll see all the information about games you own, what your friends are doing, whether there's any new DLC coming out, or if your friends have shared a video or screenshot. And you can also spectate anyone playing PS4."

Yoshida also talked about the way social networks will interact with the PS4. The console, he explains, records the last 15 minutes' worth of gameplay and also lets players take screenshots — either of which can be shared instantly. "So I tweeted out the screenshot to my actual Twitter account. And if I chose to, I could have posted the video to my Facebook."

You can check out the gamescom demo above, and read the interview in its entirety here. There's some bits about the PS4's extended friends list, Yoshida's love for Octodad, and he even gives a few recommendations on what games to try. Or, should you want to learn more about the PS4, you can check out our treasure trove of collected information here.

PS4 UI and Social Features, Shuhei Yoshida on Ease of Use [PlayStation Blog]


    Can't wait!*

    *Until April when inFamous is out as well, and I'll have two minutes or more to game.

    as great as all this is, I have the feeling that the majority of people will tweet one thing, realise no-one watches videos on facebook and just concentrate on playing games. I'm guessing it would make game reviews a heck of a lot easier though

      I have a feeling that a lot of people will utilise the livestreaming capabilities (and video uploading mentioned in the article) to do things like Lets Plays. With it being so accessible now, there will be so many people in this still relatively new niche genre (at the moment largely restricted to Youtube) that it will completely collapse. Lets Plays, and similar styles of gaming media (game review videos too?), will be a thing of the past after a few months of the PS4 and Xbone on the shelves.

      It'll be like the Xbox indie marketplace - there's so much junk on there that it becomes almost impossible to find any of the good stuff.

    After turning off my PS4 I can go for a walk in the sunshine, then read a book. I win.

    It's pretty minor, but god I hope we can change that annoying sound it makes while cycling through menus and selecting items, it's very "Grand Turismo-esque" but will get annoying as hell real fast
    The subtle "tic" of the Ps3 would be way better

      My only interaction with the ps3 has been pretty much only through Gran Turismo, and watching that I assumed it was just Sony noises. I'm betting with the new 'shiny' we'll be able to get in and fiddle with everything. One can do that on current gen Xbox's so Sony missing something like that would be a big miss..

      I'm sure you'll be able to. I assume it'll be like the PS3 - different XMB themes have different sounds. Some more irritating than others :P

        Yep, Cerny & Yoshida have previously said that one of the pillars of PS4 is "Personalised" where everything can be customised.

    Do people really care this much about the 'social' aspect in a console?
    I don't think i have ever done anything ''social' on a console other that mic talk smack with in game foes!
    besides, typing on a console is a b**ch, 140 characters, forget it! Personally you shouldn't need to type at all on a console other than 'maybe' a one off username and password.
    I really wish one of these new consoles will focus more on the games than this social sh**.
    I don't want to deal with facebook plugins and twitter addons bogging down my system. At least they should offer the ability to completely rid the system of this stuff.
    thank you..... anti-social GAMER

      Agreed. Gaming is where I go to get AWAY from people.

    the switching sound between windows is annoying, these asian guys who created
    PS4 have no idea as to what cool is... no racism here, just saying.

      There's nothing *but* racism there. If race is not an aspect of what you're saying, why did you mention race?

        Man, what a stupid comment huh... Race has aaaabsolutely nothing to do with it. Shame on you 'igame' SHAAAMMEEE.

    I must say, even a a member of the PC master race, I do like how quickly he joined/loaded that game.
    For the sake of social interaction I hope Steam improves it's PSN integration.
    Either way, looks pretty good.

    My only 2 wishes for this generation are cross platform play and since everything is now x86 hopefully we won't get shitty console ports on PC any more.
    That or give consoles mouse and keyboard support so it can be used as a PC.

      If Valve wants to release an updated TF2 on the PS4 ill run out and buy the console right now!!

    There are going to be so many GTA V videos going online- I promise

      I don't think anyone's going to argue with you there mate.

    Anyone else notice the UI lag? It happens before 30s mark. I hope they iron this out, that's pretty poor.

      yeah i totally noticed that. in fact it happens on nearly every screen but is somewhat more subtle.

      kind of reminds me of the PS3's jerky UI. was hoping for a smoother experience, but i guess that costs more hardware resources, and less being allocated to the games.

      Last edited 03/09/13 12:18 pm

      When he scrolls over to The Order 1886?

      It reminds me a bit of the UI lag you used to get on XBLA stuff on Xbox as well. Probably pulling info down in the background from the internet on demand.

      However don't forget the system's still 3 months away from launching. They've got heaps of time to optimize out issues like that hopefully.

    I can definitely see myself hiding "all posts by Playstation" and "all posts by Xbox" on my facebook when everyone starts posting boring video's of their gaming.

    spectate all the people.
    Actually spectating is good so you can see how crummy Codemaster's latest soft-drink of a game is (using ego engine still no doubt) and then proceed not to buy it.

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