Alien Rage: Boring Name, Boring Game

The game has one redeeming quality, and that's a completely out of place narrator that says things like "Double kill!" and "10 headshots!" to remind you that you're doing a good job. Thanks guy!

I started the game with high hopes, but in the hour or so that I played, the game just got more generic as I went, and by the end there was nothing motivating me to keep playing. So if you're looking for a game with some good shooting and don't need any fancy dialog or new mechanics, then pick up Alien Rage tomorrow! Otherwise, hang on to your $US20 for now.

Alien Rage comes out tomorrow, September 24th for Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, and Steam.


    Been getting a lot of 7/10

      7/10 is pretty good - probably better than I expected. I think it looks like a little mindless fun :)

    That headline looks like it came straight out of Game Dev Tycoon.

    You know you are a B-List game when you come out in a timing slot that goes up against GTA V.

    At least it looks better than Aliens: Colonial Marines and that was $US60 when it was released.

    Steve's commentary really started to frustrate me by the end of this. Part of the whole elitest "anything 75% or less is a crap game" mentality which annoys me. The game may not be AAA but it looks surprisingly polished for a downloadable title from a smaller studio. It seems like he's decided that he's not interested in the game before he's even started playing it, constantly having to refer to the game being generic as his biggest gripe (and Call Of Duty isn't?), and complaining about all of the weapons because the secondary fires aren't interesting enough, despite the fact that he admits the shooting is pretty good later on in the video.

    It may not be GTAV, yet a lot of people would have some sci-fi shooty fun from this cheap downloadable title, but instead he chose to brand it as boring, not worth playing.

    I almost want to play this just in spite of this video.

    wait a minute. in the video you sound like you like the game but the article gives the vibe of dont bother with it

    The art style is the problem for me; it's terribly generic bulky sci-fi. Nexuiz, Section 8, and a few other games recently all seem to be following this hideous trend started by Gears of War. More games should feature practical, functional sci-fi styling as seen in movies like Elysium.

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