All In The Space Trade

Here’s an in-depth look at how trading will work in X Rebirth, the gorgeous, massive space sim coming in November from Egosoft.


  • Preordered about a month ago, and not dissapointed – this just keeps getting better and better, and as an old player of X:TC and X:AP, I have to say I like the changes they’ve made. Trading was often quite fun, but a real drag when you had to fly around for literally hours (realworld) to get your cash. Even with Jumpdrive it was just painful.

    Plus I’ve loving the idea of walking around on stations, it makes the universe feel real and alive, not so mechanical and gamey like the old X’s. I’m on a space buzz anyway atm, playing through Mass Effect, so by the time I finish Mass Effect trilogy, X:Rebirth should be out! 😀

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