All These People Are Waiting To Play The Remastered Wind Waker At PAX

Remember when Nintendo unveiled The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker back in the day, and everyone lost their minds because of its cel-shaded graphics? And there was basically a storm of hatred until the game was released, at which point everyone played it and realised it was incredible?

All those people are at PAX right now, and they're waiting in line to play the remastered version coming out for Wii U in October.

This video comes to us by way of Kotaku's own Evan Narcisse, who braved the show floor on the final day of PAX Prime just to find out whether people are excited about Wind Waker HD. Judging by how many people are spending their final hours there waiting to play a game that's more than a decade old, it seems the answer is apparent.


    While you guys are waiting you should play Rayman!
    I got it on Thursday and its RIDICULOUSLY FUN :D
    Also any news if were getting that statue? I need to add to my collection :S

      We[Australians] are not getting the statue. If you want it, you'll have to import is from the UK. I suggest ozGameshop

        Statue edition is exclusive to And being an australian citizen they were kind enough to charge me 20% VAT

          Ugh, well, I might be able to get it via Gametraders, but otherwise I'll have to do the same

          how much was the total cost and delivery?

        Do they even have the statue version? My friend checked up the other day, and they only seemed to be doing the game by itself.

    I dunno why everyone's so eager to play Wind Waker in HD on the Wii U. I've played it through twice now in HD on Dolphin, and it didn't have any of that crappy bloom either. And before anyone accuses me of being a pirate, I created an ISO of Wind Waker using my Wii and my own copy of the game, so Nintendo got money for both.


        Don't believe me huh? May I then point you to exhibit A:

      I'm right with you there. Haven't played it on Dolphin, but I don't like the look of the new version at all. Original looks way better to me.

    No bundle, no buy

    I can't wait for Assassin's Creed Black Flag either.

    The line for SR4 @ pax aus on day 2 looked much much bigger, it went around the booth twice and nearly into the Nintendo booth.

    How did they manage to have every WiiU owner turn up to this event?

    i was at pax 2013 Australia was so bad lines every where and nothing there all the games they had where form like 6months ago really disappointing in say that Nintendo was the only one there with new games and a really well set up.

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