An N64 Controller That's Too Pretty To Use

An N64 Controller That's Too Pretty To Use

Zoki64, the creator of this beauty, calls it the "Finger Print Magnet64" — and I'm sure it's obvious why. This thing is so glossy that you probably smudge it just by looking at it!

I'm not even sure I'd want to actually use this controller. It's too pretty, but that shouldn't be a surprise: Zoki64's work is often gorgeous.

Finger print magnet64 [Zoki64]


    oh man..oh man....ohmanohmanohmanohman. That thing is pure undiluted awesome.

    Wow, shiny. Looks like a T-1000 masquerading as a N64 Controller.

    How much $$$? Tale my money now please! WANT WANT WANT!!!!! This trumps the golden gun from Golden Eye 64 any day! Even the Far Sight XR-20 from Perfect Dark lol!

    i have ps3 controller that is this

    I was personally never a fan of the N64 controller, but this...

    ...this should be what video game awards look like.

    I chrome plated my original Playstation and controller. They are very cool. Actually they are literally cool due to the chrome plating. You can chrome plate most ABS plastics.

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