Are You Man (Or Woman) Enough To Try 23 Year-Old Mario Food?

$450. That's all that stands between you and a date with destiny. And, most likely, a hospital bed.

An eBay seller is trying to offload a box of Super Mario Bros. 3 "Assorted Real Fruit Snacks". From 1990. Sure, they're mint in box - somehow -but 23 years is a long time, even taking preservatives into account.

Course, you could just want to buy the box to...collect it? Keep it somewhere? But let's be real: this is food. Food collections are only ever kept so one day, someone arises brave enough to eat the expired crap inside.

Unopened SUPER MARIO 3 Fruit Snacks [GameSniped]

Are You Man (Or Woman) Enough To Try 23 Year-Old Mario Food?


    I don't think it has to do with being man or woman enough but more so, do you have a death wish?

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    Uuuugh, nope. The last time I had food poisoning, I ended up in hospital. If I ate this, I'd be six-feet-under.

    But there's a chance you could win a Nintendo t shirt!!!

      Must be redeemed by 1991 :p

        That's okay, the effects of the aged assorted real fruit snacks give you the ability to exist in all times at once.

    Ming ate 1989 Batman cereal on Comic Book Men and survived so I guess you might be able to get away with trying it.

    Judging by Ashens experience with 24 year old Dinosaur fruit snacks, they wouldn't be the worst thing you would have eaten, just texturally wrong, and the flavour of Omni-fruit.

    For $450 they would be sitting on the shelf with the boxed consoles

    Win A "Free" Nintendo T-Shirt..

    So I guess before win a chance to get it if you can pay for it....

    I know this is off topic. but for like 15 years this has been bugging me. in one of the mario games. a friend of mine showed me a trick where mario slid on 1 foot! how did he do that???? anyone?

      Dude, google it?

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