Report: Atlus Is Becoming Part Of Sega

Report: Atlus Is Becoming Part of Sega

Atlus will soon be a Sega brand, reports Japan's Nikkei.

The Japanese news source reports that there have been substantial steps forward for Index Corporation (Atlus' parent company) to transfer management control over to Sega Sammy Holdings (Sega's parent company).

This comes as Sega will formally purchase Index for 14 billion yen (US$141 million), and Index's game business is being reorganized under Sega.

Last August, there were reports that Sega was among 20 companies bidding for Index, which was going through financial proceedings. This summer, Atlus said its brand would carry on and was "unaffected" by the financial troubles.

再生手続き中のインデックス、セガサミーに経営譲渡 [Nikkei]


    Ooooooh. This might mean PC versions of games then :D

      Sega and Nintendo are also on good terms too! More games for everyone.

      Last edited 18/09/13 2:00 pm

    Does this mean we won't have to wait 2 years for the Australian release date?

      Yes, we will have to wait FOREVER! :P

    Oh no. Can't say I'm a huge fan of Sega as publishers for some other developers (*cough* Rome 2 TW *cough*)

    Ohhhh, I hope this turns out for the best.
    Sega are slackers at localising fantastic games :(

    If thats true I don't really get what this will mean for Atlus since they always published their own games. I guess it would mean Sega becomes the publisher or something ???....hopefully not since that would mean we would never see another Atlus game ever again.

    Last edited 18/09/13 3:44 pm

    So Sega, how about that Yakuza 5 translation before you add more games to a catalogue you can't support.

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