Attack On Titan's Opening -- Starring The Cast Of Super Mario Bros. 3

Uploaded in July, about a thousand or so people have viewed this fan's virtuoso recreation of Attack on Titan's opening using Super Mario Bros. 3 sprites. The Bill Blaster at the one-minute mark, followed by the billowing Mushroom Kingdom standard and the squadron of Tanooki Toads — this is strict attention to detail.

Dedicated Attack on Titan fans should have a lot of fun pointing out all the substitutes (timestamp 'em in the comments, to help others out.) For neophytes like me, this comparison trailer — also 1:33 long — should make for a helpful viewing reference.

Attack on Koopa: Super Mario Bros. 3 [YouTube, uploaded by TheRyuujinMike. h/t Brian C]


    The uploader has not made this video available in your country...........

    I'd forgotten how good this opening was! Now it's even more epic this way!

    (The new attack on titan opening was a huge let down for me tho,
    I was like.. where the oompf go?! )

    Lets just hope the intro for the first part of season 2 is better! :P

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