Australian Actors Wanted For Bioshock Prequel Web Series

Australian Actors Wanted For Bioshock Prequel Web Series

If you’re based in Victoria – or can get there easily – and you’re aged between 18 and 25, you could star in a Bioshock prequel web series.

The open casting call, posted at Starnow calls for eleven actors, five women and six men, to fill roles ranging from the sophisticated physician Sofia Lamb to the artist, Daniel Wales and evil genius Yi Suchong. Having a fluency with accents would help, since most of the parts call for something other than an Aussie drawl.

The bad news is that theres no pay, but what may help offset that a little is that get to be a part of the web series based on John Shirley’s novel Bioshock: Rapture, published in 2011. The series will portray the creation, rise and fall of Rapture prior to the events of the first Bioshock game. It’s set in the 1940’s, so you’d also get to wear some cool costumes.

The casting call is open for another month or so, which gives you plenty of time to prepare your video and photo and accent.


  • Weird that they would want people between 18 and 25. I’m 29 and have 18 years experience in German and Jamaican accents, but because I’m too old, I can’t participate?

    That be some real bad juju. Mi be a real badman, see?

    • It does seem like an odd choice given that the majority of the characters they’re casting would be well over 25. Maybe some kind of union thing? Do we have an Australian SAG?

      Probably wouldn’t hurt to contact them regardless.

    • It’s pretty common on StarNow listings, applicants new to it don’t really think some of those details through.

      Which immediately means it’s most likely a student film, or similarly entry level production. Reading through the listing it’s seems very likely.

      That said, Starnow generally won’t stop you applying if you want to. You just go in a special “unsuitable” category, but if their casting is paying the slightest bit of attention they’ll pick up on it.

    • Honestly, ’18-25′ in this sort of instance just means ‘don’t be middle aged’. Actors in their 30s are regularly cast for these sorts of things, and often have more experience anyways. If they like your look, you’ll be called in to audition and that’s where you get to convince them. Performance matters more than age to any director who knows what they’re doing.

      • Johnny Depp was 26 when he played a teenager in Cry baby. Casting agents throw a wider net but have precise Descisions. Maybe the assumption is older actors wont work for free – but the opposite is far more common than they might realise

    • They haven’t closed off the applications.. While that could just as easily be forgetfulness on the part of the producer/casting agent, I can’t find any sort of online presence for the project; smaller indie films generally run a crowdfunding campaign before they start shooting.

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