Australian Artist Patrick Brown Updated His Gallery With An Intense Grand Theft Auto V Piece To Cele

Australian artist Patrick Brown updated his gallery with an intense Grand Theft Auto V piece to celebrate the impending release of the game. I love the tiny details such as the billboard with the fake company names, the Banshee next to Franklin, or the ad in the background with guys in Republican Space Ranger costumes.

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    ...Piece to Cele? Piece to sell?

      His website doesn't seem to suggest he is selling his work, though you can get a slightly bigger copy from there.

      Maybe it is just me, but if you look at his portfolio gallery a lot of the faces seem to be a bit same same, and they all seem to have the same/similar expression on their faces?

        His artwork is damn amazing. Who cares if some of his characters have the open mouth action shot post. The art is brilliant.

      I believe it is either an unnecessary and wholly misleading contraction of Celebrate "or" there is a character limit on titles that resulted in minor confusion

        I'd put my money on poor editing or journalism as it seems this is just a cut-off directly from the first line of the article, I'd say Gergo Vas forgot to include a title in his haste to bring this image to us.

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