Balky Internet Almost Ends StarCraft Champ’s Tournament

Balky Internet Almost Ends StarCraft Champ’s Tournament

An internet outage in the US state of Texas nearly sank a world-class StarCraft II player’s bid to advance in the game’s world championship tournament. His uplink stabilised in time for him to gut out two match victories and advance, however.

GameSpot reports that Choi “Polt” Seong Hun — the reigning North American champion of the StarCraft II World Championship Series — made it to the round of 16 in the WCS’ North American Premier League tournament yesterday, after coming back fro a 2-0 forfeit to Ko “HyuN” Seok Hyun.

Tournament administrators awarded HyuN an automatic victory when Polt was unable to log in. GameSpot notes that WCS rules require that players be able to “check in and be ready to play 30 minutes before their scheduled match time. Ready to play is defined as being ready to start the game within 60 seconds.”

Polt got back online for a do-or-die match against Lee “Revival” Dong Hyun, winning 2-1 (claiming the first game in the best-of-three series) and then triumphing over Woo “Sage” Kung Chul 2-1 to clear Group A’s round of 32.

Starcraft II WCS North American champion on ropes due to internet outages [GameSpot]



  • Wouldn’t happen in the 90’s and early 00’s when you could play this type of thing on lan.
    Welcome to the future.. that doesn’t work.

    • While this is true, national championships were practically non-existent in the 90’s and early 00’s. Having a LAN for a national championship is very impractical.

    • You realise that this is an online tournament with people playing from different continents over several weeks?

      Yes, Starcraft not having LAN sucks but it could not have prevented this unless you expect the players’ teams or Blizzard to shell out thousands of dollars for international airfares and accommodation.

      • Oh… wow, I thought it was just within one area… had no idea it was across different continents, learn something new everyday.

      • Morever it’s only the round of 32 that’s played online.

        Once it hits round of 16, they fly the players in to compete in the studio.

  • I think your point about this being online doesn’t really matter. You are correct so I don’t mean to dismiss what you saying specifically, but whether the article accurately gets to the hear to the matter or not, the heart certainly is that there is no lan client.

    I’ve been a very faithful veiwer of the GSL, GSTL proleague, now WCS and all the rest. It hasn’t happened that much, but it’s happened ENOUGH in live events to question they the hell they won’t release a tournament edition so you can play lan at their own tournaments.

    I mean, Blizzard has been so much more involved in SC2 tournaments than in SC1, they in fact insisted upon it. So for all their money (whether from SC2 or WOW or whatever) why no LAN?

    And I think the lack of lan goes deeper to the lack of and all the other features that made their older games, in some ways (not all obviously) better!

    C’mon blizz! please get it together generally.

    (Also, was there ever n e doubt about polt? pls. If he ‘n Jdong don’t make it through every WCS AM then who would!)

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