Bathurst Set To Feature In Forza Motorsport 5, Alongside V8 Supercars

It's easily the most sought after track for fans of racing games here in Australia, but it turns out that the Bathurst 1000 was also one of the most request tracks for Forza Motorsport 5 on a global scale. So Turn 10 Studio has answered the call: today Microsoft announced that the Bathurst race will feature in Forza for the first time on Xbox One.

Alongside the track, two V8 Supercars will also be among the vehicles playable in the game when it launches alongside the Xbox One on November 22.

“Xbox has had a strong association with the sport of V8 Supercars over the last decade and for years Australians have been asking us to include the Bathurst track into the Forza Motorsport games," said Alan Bowman, Regional Vice President, Microsoft, Greater Asia Region. "We have taken notice and to celebrate the inclusion of the Bathurst track and two V8 supercars in ‘Forza Motorsport 5’."

According to Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director at Turn 10 Studios, the inclusion of Bathurst into Forza has been a long time coming.

"Few circuits have been requested more by the worldwide Forza fanbase than Bathurst, and for good reason," he said. "It holds a special place in motorsports history as one of the most demanding and challenging circuits in the world.

"This is the Bathurst that racing fans have been asking for years and we’re proud to bring it to them in 'Forza Motorsport 5.'"


    It seems somewhat remiss not to mention that Bathurst is also coming to Gran Turismo 6.

    Which two cars? Holden and Ford?

      Most likely.
      Would've been nice to have all four manufacturers in there, though.

        Agreed. Maybe they will get added. Maube there is a licensing issue that means GT6 got them?

        Technically wouldn't it be five with Volvo entering the V8's next year?

      Probably the same FG Falcon and VE Commodore from Forza 4.

    I had no idea Bathurst was that well known outside Australia, I assumed people only cared about the European F1 circuits.

    Last edited 05/09/13 10:52 am

      You'd be surprised how many people overseas are interested in Bathurst.

        And how many Australians are interested in the Super Bowl.

          Well personally I don't care for super bowl. Who wants to watch a sport where they spend more time in "time outs" rather than playing the game! But to be honest, in Australia the hype for super bowl is growing to an astonishing level more and more each year!

      Bathurst 1000 gets as many usa viewers on espn in isa as Aussies.

      As an endurance race and a circuit, people love Bathurst — rest of the V8's? Eh, nowhere near as popular.

    Will it simulate beer bottles being thrown at the track?

      And couches being pulled around by cars - doing donuts.

    This is probably the only exclusive I will be upset about missing by not getting an Xbox One, now you're just rubbing it in >_<
    Used to be a huge Gran Turismo fan but it has slowly gotten worse while Forza has improved - not including Horizon anyway, I never liked that one for some reason.


      Forza is so much better than Gran Turismo now. Makes me sad that I won't be able to play it as I'm not picking up an Xbone, at least until there's a price drop anyway.

    Weird they're only including two V8 Supercars. From memory, previous Forza games have had 6 - 10. I guess the other announcements make up for it though.

      True, however there were really only two in Forza 4 - each one was just a different default livery. They might have worked around it this time to avoid duplicating the models. Wish they'd have all four manufacturers though, and/or all the liveries. And maybe some more Aussie tracks - although Sedona Raceway Park does bear some resemblance to Calder Park...

      I'm guessing by 2, they mean 2 models (Holden, Ford), but various teams

        Most likely it will be one will be the Triple Eight Holden as their thrid car for Bathurst is sponsered by Microsoft/Turn 10 (source -

        I reckon the Ford car will most likely Mark Winterbottom's FPR Car

        That's what I'm thinking - 2 mean 2 cars only (no different paint schemes)

          I'm hopnig the base car model will be available. Forza is still bit into the custom artwork isn't it? I was always intimidated by it but I definitely want to check out Forza 5 so I might as well have a go.

      They'll probably release more through DLC, so they can make more money off us than if they just included them on the disc.

    Well I was going to wait a bit to get Forza and not get it at launch.... but Bathurst being included is making me rethink that. Hmmmm what to do what to do. :)

    So glad I have the day 1 edition already on the pre-order.

    Was a sad day when Grid 2 came out with no Bathurst.

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