Battlefield 4's Beta Starts In October (Also: Rad New Trailer)

EA confirmed today that Battlefield 4's beta will begin on October 1 for some, and October 4 for the rest. Which also gave them an excuse to release a fantastic multiplayer trailer.

Those getting in on October 1 will be anyone who preordered the digital deluxe version of Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3 premium members and those poor souls who owned the Medal of Honour Warfighter Limited Edition or digital deluxe edition.

Every other 360, PS3 and PC player can download it from their relevant online store on October 4.

The beta features one map - Siege of Shanghai - which you can play in either conquest or domination mode.



    Hey, nice reference to the BF1942 music at the end there. Was that in BF3?

      It's the battlefield theme. There's been various remixes since 1942.

    It's not a beta if you're only at it for a month and it's programmatically limited.

    I'm annoyed by this. I bought Warfighter (and later, Premium) for a limited one month early access program? Wasn't worth it.

      Au contraire, mon frère. That sounds almost exactly like what you'd expect from a Beta for a game like this. We're actually pretty lucky to get a Beta at all, if you consider it against its competition.

      You're quick to judge the content without even having experienced it. At least wait until 1st Oct :)

        Try the content? It's a beta, content is supposed to be broken and dodgy. That's the point of a beta testing program. To work out the kinks, find the breaks and see everything works.

        That's not what I paid for. I paid for a deliberately limited, one month early access program. I don't give a shit about early access, I do give a shit about balance and bug testing.

          Firstly, a Beta is (or should be) a UAT version of software that's as close as possible to a release candidate. If your Beta's are broken and dodgy, you're doing it wrong.

          In this case it's purpose is most likely gameplay balancing, net code and server tweaking, and general bug fixes. Stuff that's pretty important if you're doing 64-player dynamic environments etc, no?

            If my betas are broken and dodgy, it's a beta, if it's at release candidate quality, it's a release candidate. Barring show stoppers, it's good to go. Beta doesn't have refined gameplay and perfectly timed animations (you get that FROM beta).

            This is not a beta test. At best it is a release candidate, which isn't a beta test.

            I bought Warfighter, of all games, for a chance to get in on a beta test. The ability to test the game and help with its development.

            What they've given me is a release candidate, who's total updates in the month of "testing" will be commenting out (or deleting) the code that limits the experience upon release.

              These betas that people are given access to in the final weeks of the game are strange things.

              On the one hand, I get to demo the game and see if I like it - bugs and all.
              On the other hand, pretty much everything is locked in at the moment - my feedback isn't going to affect the final release, that's already been sent off for mastering and manufacturing (or will by the time the beta rolls around.)
              If this was a proper beta, we'd have been invited months ago so that our feedback could be incorporated into the development cycle.

              I think it's less beta, and more "here's the last beta build to whet your appetite" - more a marketing move to get people to convince their friends to get it too.
              The cynical side of me is thinking that this is a replacement for a properly thought out and implemented demo - we rarely see them for any games, anymore.
              Instead, you just get the beta build others have been providing feedback on for months.

              I think it's a bit half-assed, to be honest.

    Hmmm maybe I should extend the time I've got off work for my brothers wedding by a couple of days to fit in some hardcore beta action.

    I wonder if the kinnect features will make it into the final game

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