Be Part Of This Year’s Biggest Live-Action Humans Vs Zombies Campout

Be Part Of This Year’s Biggest Live-Action Humans Vs Zombies Campout

Remember November 2013, when you were camping with a couple of thousand friends in Warrnambool for the weekend and zombies invaded? Good times.

Sure, we’ve had a federal election, but at least the world isn’t ending, right? Still, after a couple of months, you might feel like re-enacting the campaign – or the end of the world – and what better way than with live-action Humans vs Zombies over a 3-day camping trip in Warrnambool?

Humans vs. Zombies: Melbourne has just released tickets for their second annual campout running from November 29th to December 1st at Warrnambool’s Surfside Holiday Park. Just think, there you’ll be by the beach, enjoying the sun, eating brains…

A single ticket, which entitles you to three days of camping rights and entertainment is $50, but if you buy two or more tickets, you get discounts. Why not round up a few friends and some makeup and get five tickets for $200? You can buy tickets via Australian crowd funding website Pozible. It’s a slightly unusual way of selling tickets, but it gives the organisers a clear idea of the size of the event by the ticket-purchase closing date of November 5.

NERFcore hosted the official launch last night during their Nerf Core Level 5 – Pieces of 8-Bit event at Revolt Melbourne Art Space.

Humans vs. Zombies: Melbourne has been running Humans vs Zombies games since 2009, and there are free monthly games in Melbourne.


  • Awesome, but i don’t think i’d be human or zombie. Darts as currency sounds cool, so I’d be the merchant from Resident Evil 4; walking around in a robe saying “Ah, i’ll buy it for a high price!”

    • Watch out merchants remember to keep some of those darts and equipment to fight off hordes of zombies and duplicitous bandits…

    • Awesome video dnr, Unfortunately Airsoft is illegal in Australia but I think our 15 acres of campsite and continuous play over three days and two nights will be right up there with that crazy warehouse.

      • Dont get me wrong i love the idea, but unfortunately once you go airsoft, NERF just cannot compete anymore, the range of NERF alone is its downfall

        I’ll be participating in the the airsoft one when im in japan next year gonna be hectic.

        • Thanks, I completely see the attraction to Airsoft it performs better than NERF in every way but I think in some ways that makes NERF better for zombie games. The inaccuracy, less range, slow rate of fire and greater likelihood of jamming of NERF is an increased degree of difficulty for the humans.

          Also the colourful toy appearance of NERF blasters allows us to run more events in public spaces that no sane country would let you. Anyway have a good one in Japan!

  • Huge thank-you to Kotaku Australia for featuring our awesome camp, I have always said that Kotaku have the tastiest brain of any journalists on the internet! Over $800 raised in just two days and most of us lazy organisers haven’t even bought our tickets yet!

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