Before Jurassic World Was A Movie, It Was A Video Game Project

Yesterday the upcoming film Jurassic Park IV officially becameJurassic World, coming to theatres on June 15, 2015. Despite sharing the same name and featuring dinosaurs, this trailer has nothing to do with that film.

Though the YouTube user who uploaded the footage, captured a couple months back during a panel held at the Star Wars Celebration in Europe, presumed the footage had something to do with re-igniting the movie franchise, it’s now been confirmed via Bleeding Cool as a pitch video for a Jurassic Park video game that never happened.

Lucasfilm story dev Pablo Hidalgo cleared up the confusion via Twitter.

@JurassicPark14 it was a teaser for a video game project that never came to be that had the same name
— Pablo Hidalgo (@infinata) September 11, 2013

Hildalgo also noted that the ill-fated LucasArts was not the studio responsible for the potential game.

What sort of game would it have been? I’m hoping it was straight-up surfing with dinosaurs, but then how could such a game ever get canned? More likely a Grand Theft Auto clone, with dinosaurs stealing cars.

Possibly a loss, but don’t worry — in 2015 we’re sure to get a mobile endless runner tie-in for the Jurassic World movie, which is sure to be just as good.


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