Breaking Bad Lead Actor Reads An Amazing Erotic Fan Letter, Oh My

If you're famous, then you probably have fans. Fans like to send fan letters, but not all fan letters are created equal. Some letters are simply better than others, and this sexual fan letter that Bryan Cranston received, which he reads out-loud on Conan? It's fan-tas-tic.

I'm kind of surprised this letter got to Cranston, actually — I imagine he gets a ton of letters, and surely some of those are kind of sexual in nature? So many people root for Team Walt! Or maybe he's the type of star that reads all his fan letters? Who knows. What's for certain is that I'm glad he happened to get this one...even though it almost sounds like Aaron Paul should have gotten it instead, ha.

(Via Laughing Squid)


    Somebody really need to start checking that the videos actually work.

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        I guess it might be for some.. but I've never had any luck with this particular streaming service's videos embedded in your site..

          Don't know what to tell you. Works for me on two different operating systems, three different browsers. Logged in and not logged in.

            Yeh, I know it's not you.. It just doesn't load for me.. I did find the same video on youtube later on :)

    Bugger, can't watch the video, switch on VPN, ah there we go.
    But seriously can't someone check to see that a video posted on an Australian website will work in said Country?! Piss poor effort guys, not everyone knows how to use or setup a VPN or some other unblocking service.

    Cant view video.
    Wrong Country.
    Check links before making article.


      Dogbuoy for editor!

    So Patricia is our official Breaking Bad reporter now?

    Assuming that it's not a fake letter (couldn't watch until the end), they kind of seem like jerks for doing that.

      In this day and age, that was particularly harmless with very little information to identify the sender.

        Someone has poured their heart out (admittedly rather misguidedly) and he's just mocking them. Like the high school sitcom equivalent of the hot girl making fun of the nerd's love letter.

          Yeah, I don't think anyone's 'heart' was being poured out in that letter.

          Assuming that it was a letter really written by a fan (and not somebody associated with either show), unless have spoken to the actual letter write, you do not know if somebody poured their heart out into it. ie that it wasn't a fan that wrote the letter as a joke.

          Anyhow, the scenario is different. The alleged letter writer isn't identified.

    "Breaking Bad Lead Actor Reads An Amazing Erotic Fan Letter, Oh My"


    "Bryan Cranston Reads An Amazing Erotic Fan Letter, Oh My"

    You be the judge.

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