Breaking Bad Prank Reminds Us All To Not Put Personal Info Online

Last month, Aaron Paul — the actor behind Breaking Bad's Jesse — asked his Twitter followers what their thoughts on Breaking Bad were. "Let me talk you thru it. Number, please," he wrote. As you might've guessed, excited fans jumped on the possibility of talking to Paul, and readily tweeted their numbers out.

Enter ZeoStorm, who called some of the numbers up in a prank where he pretends to be Aaron Paul. Turns out all you need to get people to believe you is to say "BITCH" a bit like Jesse does in the show.

And this is why you shouldn't just tweet out your personal info, folks! At least these are just phone numbers and not, like, credit cards or something.

Celebrity Prank ft. Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) [ZeoStorm]


    It takes one kind of stupid to expose your phone number to a celebrity and millions of other people. But it takes a whole other kind of stupid to then believe that celebrity (and not some random) is calling you.

    Calling people and saying 'whats up bitch' is what people want to get clearly.


    What made it really good was he wasn't a douche about it and went along with it and said bye and didn't say at the end, this isn't Aaron, you idiot even with the person who said, been alot of people pretending they were Aaron. Though they were idiots in giving out their numbers

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