Build Your Own Xbox One (Case) With These Chinese Parts

Build Your Own Xbox One (Case) With These Chinese Parts

Why wait for November? Chinese manufacturers are already selling external casings for Microsoft's Xbox One console. So you could buy some now, build yourself a PC from similar parts and pretend.

What's interesting about these is that, aside from the replacement value, it shows how damn fast the grey market on this type of thing swings into action. The console isn't even out yet in the US, let alone China, and already parts are being either fabricated to a very close standard or, as seems more likely, are just being siphoned off the actual production run to be sold off for some extra cash.

One thing, though: they're missing the bus by selling black ones. There'd be a better market for this stuff if they coloured it!

Xbox One components showing up for sale [NeoGAF]

Build Your Own Xbox One (Case) With These Chinese Parts


    Gotta say, would be amusing to go to a LAN with your computer inside one of these.

      its almost worth buying one and buying the xbone equivalent parts, put windows 8 on it and no one would know the difference

    still boggles me no usb at the front

      I think the usb slot location on the new ps4 system is in the wrong area. If you have a controller charging station or headset base unit that uses the usb slots, the cables and plug in's will be sticking right out the front middle of the console ruining the sleekness of the unit. I think the usb slots should be on the side or even the back of the unit to keep wires hidden from view.

      Last edited 18/09/13 10:41 am

        my current unit has surround sound and 360 in it, there is barely room for the xbox one as it is, so basically wont be able to use the side port and gonna be a hell of a mission pulling it out everytime wanna use 1 on the rear, 3 usb ports doesnt seem enough im sure there is 5+ on the 360, would much rather 2 on the front than 1 on the side, I use USB for profiles quite a bit

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