Call Of Duty: Ghosts Riffs Off Titanfall's Cinematic Multiplayer

Infinity Ward this week revealed the pre-order bonus for its upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts, a multiplayer map called "Free Fall" that the developer claims will add a touch of the cinematic single player campaign to the game's deathmatch modes. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Yes, that's the exact thinking behind Titanfall, the first game from Respawn Entertainment, which was spawned by the former heads of Infinity Ward. Here's an excerpt from a previous article about what made Titanfall so impressive back at E3:

A shooter's multiplayer is what people care most about, [Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella] reasons, so his team aims to make theirs look more alive and dramatic and part of some grand saga than what you experience in your standard competitive maps. "That's what people spend hundreds of hours on," Zampella said. "People will run through a single-player level as fast as they can just to get to the end of it. Multiplayer is: 'I'm going to spend hundreds of hours on it. I'm going to be in this world all the time.' So why is this world more barren? Why is it stripped down? Let's put that cool stuff there. Put it where people will see it. Put it where people are going to be."

Not that riffing off Titanfall diminishes what Infinity Ward is doing in Ghosts; far from it, Free Fall still sounds like an awesome, "dynamic" new map.

"Free Fall was inspired by a cinematic moment from a single-player level called Federation," Executive Producer Mark Rubin says in the trailer. "You're playing in a building that has fallen over and is wedged between two other buildings. The floor you're on is actually the glass windows from the side of the building. So you see this world in a very topsy-turvy sense as it's plummeting down to the streets below."

It looks like the level is always changing, with debris and furniture sliding around and the floors dropping out from under you. Sounds horrific, no?


    wasn't free fall announced months ago?

    This trailer is better -

      My instincts tell me don't feed the troll, but screw it...

      Although I am not trying to defend COD with what they call "Dynamic Maps", each game is a completely different beast and it's not really a fair comparison unless you are a BF fanboy just looking for excuses to hate on COD.

        Oh I agree, each game offers different types of play. It's just funny them touting all this stuff as revolutionary. I enjoy CoD (More Treyarch offerings then Infinity Wards these days) for the twitch based gameplay, but I don't see this 'dynamic maps' thing being a massive selling point that Infinity Ward is trying to make it out to be, whilst targeting their competition that is clearly leagues ahead in all aspects.

        Last edited 01/09/13 3:44 pm

          They act as if any tiny thing that they've gotten with the times and added is a huge selling point.

          Just go watch the tech video where they're talking about amazing tessellation, which has been in games for years.

    i beleive this was shown before titanfall and as an offline gamer i would get a COD before titanfall even though the games are usually horrible

    They would had been making this long before Titanfall was announced.

    Quake Wars: Enemy Territory and Counterstrike Mod maps with breakable floors. What's always tiring is the spin and slow adoption of ideas that have been around for years, calling it new for themselves = everyone. Geez, can't wait for them fish and dogs, it's been laughable that they've embraced the intelligence level of their fans. Looking forward to Titanfall.

    Even if they "copied" it from Titanfall, what's the problem? As long as it's fun, that should be enough. Dynamic and changing maps aren't even a concept exclusive to titanfall - quite a few shooters have had "changing" maps. Why - the ME3 multiplayer had maps that introduced environmental hazards as time went by. Battlefield games had destructible environments.

    As for whether or not it is a good thing - it depends on how its implemented. Too much "change" and levels can become too hectic. You want a mixture of static structures and changeable structures, otherwise the level could become completely unplayable.

    What I really want, however, is procedurally generated levels. I'm sure they could do it. Sure, some of the levels wouldn't be balanced, but at least it would be interesting. It would also give new-comers an edge as experience of map layout would not be an advantage. But then, if they did that, they couldn't see DLC levels to us, eh?

    “Free Fall was inspired by what we have seen of Battlefield 4" Just say it and be done!

    What the hell, it just sounds like what BF4 has already shown? Falling building, dynamic levels?

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