Capcom's PS4-Exclusive Deep Down Will Be Free-to-Play

Capcom's PS4-Exclusive Deep Down Will Be Free-to-Play

Deep Down, Capcom's strange, beautiful, displaced-time online RPG, is going to be free-to-play and its beta will appear "near the launch of the PlayStation 4 in Japan," Sony's president of worldwide studios said via Twitter after the news was announced at Tokyo Game Show earlier today.

As was revealed earlier this week, PlayStation 4 will arrive in Japan on February 22. Deep Down is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and will feature procedurally-generated dungeons. Toshi Nakamura got a good look at it for us at Tokyo Games Show, finding it comparable to Dark Souls, although the game is set in New York in the year 2094.

PlayStation 4 exclusive Deep Down to be free-to-play [Gamespot]


    Well... My interest level just plummeted.

      I'm still interested. As much as it's hard to spell Capcom without DLC, they might be the ones to get the balance right.

      Yep. It seemed really cool until they announced this. Skipping. Free to play just means you end up paying more to actually enjoy it than you would for a normal retail game.

        It's not even the cost that bothers me. I just hate it when I'm trying to enjoy a game and it keeps on sticking its hand out asking for money. It just kills any kind of immersion because instead of being able to get right into the game, part of me is always just hanging back thinking "how much is this gonna cost me?"

    I kinda wanted this to be a normal triple a release like Dark Souls. I will wait and see if it is good on its own merits but yeah, no longer extremely excited just curious.

    Good, I ha too many games to buy anyway.

    When i first saw the trailer i thought "I hope it isnt full of micro transaction bullshit" being that capcom has found itself balls deep in what i call the "unethically huge amount of dlc" section of game companies. But it looks like a nice big resounding NOPE.AVI to wanting this game anymore. "Pay to win is the future of gaming" - Capcom

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