Check Out China's Fan-Made Mechanical Iron Man Helmet

Earlier this year we interviewed Chinese prop maker Wang Xiao Kang and showed off some of his spectacular works in progress. This time around, Wang's finally ready to show off his finished product, a fully mechanised Iron Man Mark III helmet.

Not only has Wang finished his Mark III helmet, he is now also ready to take orders on copies. He's even started putting out prototypes of other gear, including a light-up arc reactor, Repulsor Gloves for version 2 and 3 armours, and even a full Mark III armour set. He's also started working on a Mark 42 amour.

Wang's home-made suit isn't perfect, but it's still downright awesome. He's currently taking orders on his account, where he's charging a minimum of $US650 for the full Iron Man Mark III armour — most of which goes towards buying materials, according to his website. It costs more if the armour is going to be built for someone bigger.

视频: 如何使用我的钢铁侠MK3自动开合头盔V6 [Youku]


    That's the best Wang Helmet I've ever seen!
    -I'll let myself out

    2:08... LOL
    $650 is pretty decent for all the materials and labour, but shipping would be terrible. Actually, the Mark III armour is fully mechanised so it can fly itself right?

      Why would shipping be that bad? Most people wouldn't hesitate to buy goods from the US, but for some reason China has some mythical barrier.

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