Cliff Bleszinski Project Sneak Peek Number Four.

Cliff Bleszinski project sneak peek number four. No name for the thing yet, so I'm just going to give it the working title of "The Last of Them". As shared on Twitter.


    Is that really the working title you want people to think of when they look at your game?
    That's like saying "here's my new game that I totally didn't rip off, it's called World of Not Warcraft"

    I don't think that mentality paints him and his project in a very positive light.

      Luke gave it that title, not Cliffy

      Cliff didn't give it that title, Plunkett did. I had to re-read it as well, but it's just worded strangely.

    I hope they completely change that name, I can't stand products with very similar names.

      It's not called "The Last of Them"...

      Read the "article" (lol) again, Plunkett called the image that, not the artist,

    Remember when Amy looked this good?

      Yeah but let us be honest here, when you buy a phone or clothing you go for the devil you know. CliffyB is the best kind of devil, he makes 'splosions.

      EDIT: FOB spelling.

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