Colin Farrell Pegged For Lead Role In World Of Warcraft Movie

Ever since Duncan Jones became attached to the World of Warcraft movie adaptation, I've been a bit excited. I'm not a World of Warcraft fan, but I'm keen to see at least one major video game franchise get a decent movie and, of all the movies in pre-production, I think this represents our best chance.

And it looks like Jones is set to hire Colin Farrell in one of the movie's lead roles, alongside Paula Patton, who you might remember from the last Mission Impossible movie. According to reports, Colin Farrell appears to have a 50/50 chance of being involved in the movie.

I expect some fans might jump off at the deep end with this news, but I'm don't think its an indicator of quality either way. Colin Farrell has been hit or miss, but the true star of a successful World of Warcraft movie will no doubt be the universe. I'm expecting something a little larger in scale ala Lord of the Rings, with a strong supporting cast. Regardless, I can think of a number of roles that Colin Farrell has absolutely nailed.

Apparently the World of Warcraft movie starts production in January, so we could be seeing this movie sooner than you think.

Colin Farrell and Paula Patton Up for WARCRAFT Leads [Collider]


    I wonder if they're considering him for Arthas or making a story of their own.

    For the love of all that is holy, please make it an animated movie instead of live action!

      I'm actually for a live action instead of an animated movie, If it's a WoW movie that's like Lord of the Rings, now that would be something.

      A movie length Blizzard quality cutscene? I don't think my body could take it.

      No thank you. After they did LOTR so well, it's clear we CAN have a good fantasy movie.

      It's not clear that was can have human CG stars that don't fall so far into the uncanny valley that my skin gets up and walks the fuck away from the rest of my body.

        As an adaptation of the LOTR novels Peter Jacksons movies were atrocious. As a modern fantasy movie series it was fantastic.

        If they can take the grinding out of the movie it would be a good start.

    This feels like something they needed to do about 3 years ago if they were going to do it. I don't really have a lot of hope for any movie based on a game at this point.

    I heard Colin Farrell is going to play a Murloc.

      If it's just Colin Farrel walking around in a bad fish costume, that might almost be worth my DVD hire money.

    I quite like Colin Farrell. I don't mind.

      I agree. He's been in some bad movies, but I've never thought he was the reason they were bad.

    By the time this comes out, will WoW even be relevant?

      I would of thought the same. Except that it's coming up on it's 9th anniversary as an MMO which is still the juggernaut of the MMO industry, it's been 11 years since Warcraft 3 was released which introduced many younger (at the time) gamers to the storyline and established the well known Arthas story and the original Warcraft was released nearly 20 years ago.

      If the Warcraft franchise (and WoW) isn't relevant in a few years time then I think the world has ended due to some sort of cataclysm.

    if the movie is like the game cinematics that would be the best. forget real characters, the cinematics are so awesome.

    I thought the Prince of Persia movie was pretty decent.

      Sure, it was decent, but it wasn't good. It wasn't an awesome movie that makes you say "Now, THAT is how you do a movie adaptation of a game!"

      I was really looking forward to the Halo movie. Having Blomkamp directing, Jackson producing and the two of them writing together... Would've been so sweet.

        The only real problem (I can remember) having with it was a few moments where they had him do the "so what you're saying is that that thing you just said to me is the thing that is going on here" method of explaining the already explained.

          It wasn't so much as problems, it was just a pretty good adventure. There are plenty of pretty good adventures. They are fun and entertaining.

          The genre needs at least one "Iron Man". So far we've been getting a few "X-Men"s and plenty of "Daredevil"s

    Should be Epic... Prince of Stormwind aka Colin Farrell in shiny armour battles the Lich King, Lionheart executioner against Frostmourne... swing swing ting, Aghhh you cut of my hand now you dieeeeee!!! 'You can't kill me.... I, I am YOUR FATHER!! NOOOooooo.

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