Cookie Clicker Uses Evil Game Design Tricks, But I Don't Care

Cookie Clicker is a pointless, free browser game that uses some of the worst design elements from addictive free-to-play games like Farmville and Candy Crush Saga. I love it.

See, I like video games. I work for a video game website. I play games in my free time. I follow developers on twitter. I listen to gaming podcasts. When people try and talk to me about Candy Crush or some other free-to-play craze, I scoff because I know that they're just falling for cheap design tricks, and I know better.

But then I started clicking cookies. It's been weeks since I started playing, but I still check in with non-gamer friends to talk about the best way to appease the grandmatriarchs without hurting production. I will not stop until I beat this game, no matter how disappointing the ending will surely be.


    I assume the ending is everyone gets diabetes and dies.

      Afraid not. Well before the end, you're told everything is now made of cookie dough on a molecular level.

      The closest there is to an ending involves the "grandmatriarchs" mentioned in the article.

    for me to buy things, i have an E... thats how much they cost...

    You're getting the point where the numbers are displayed in scientific notation. Enjoy.

    Been playing for 11 Days currently at 8,224,877,426 Cookies per second :)

      Lightweight. I reset last night and am already back up to 71billion cps. Those Heavenly Chips are what it's all about.

        Started playing this game 3 weeks ago & reset 11 days ago.
        Currently at approx. 243 billion cps.
        I need 134 quadrillion cookies for my next antimatter condenser.

    Played it for a day, got bored when I hit 4 billion per second.

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