Cool Short Film Puts Ryan Gosling Inside Two Grand Theft Auto Games

What's the mystery connection between Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V? It might be Ryan Gosling's no-name character from Drive.

Gambil Studio's Nabil Ayari captured footage from GTA IV and GTA V and stitched them together with shots from the 2011 minimalist action thriller. The result? A moody, well-edited clip that throws the cities, characters and tension from three different worlds of criminals into one smooth heist. Well, until the end anyway.


    Go to discount store as Trevor and browse the jackets

    A lot of the score from GTA 5 is clearly influenced by Drive and Cliff Martinez. When your wanted the music is like the opening from Drive

    Last edited 24/09/13 4:10 pm

      The score of GTA 5 was done by Tangerine Dream, whose soundtrack to Thief influenced Cliff Martinez's soundtrack of drive.

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