Cops Say NBA Player Beat His Girlfriend With An Xbox 360

Cops Say NBA Player Beat His Girlfriend With An Xbox 360

DeAndre Liggins, a two-year benchwarmer currently with the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, is accused of assaulting his girlfriend by, among other things, dropping an Xbox 360 on her head, according to police. If true, it’s the second incident in six months in which a video game console was the weapon itself in a headline-grabbing domestic assault.

Back in April, authorities found a “broken and bloody Xbox 360” next to the body of a Florida woman killed by her boyfriend.

In the latest incident, Liggins (above), who played last year for Oklahoma City and Orlando the season before, is accused of kicking down a locked bedroom door, shoving his girlfriend to the ground, dropping a fan on her and stomping her before dropping the console on her head. An Xbox 360 weighs between 3kg and 4kg.

Liggins was arrested Saturday on charges of domestic assault, domestic abuse and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was released on $US8000 bail later that day.

Oklahoma City Thunder Guard Accused of Domestic Violence []


  • Bail: If you’re rich, you don’t have to worry about the law or being an evil shithead. Go nuts.

  • This guy is worse than trash. Violence of any kind against women is one of the only things I can’t stand.

      • Yeah…really don’t see a need for that but whatever. I was only ever saying I especially disliked violence against women. Due to growing up in a family full of women I developed a general distate towards this kind of thing compared to just violence in general

        • @thrasher don’t get butt hurt. people are just messing with you. I grew up around a lot of cheese, so when people are violent towards cheese I get really upset. I know your feel

        • I agree with you, I know we live in the age of PC and everyone wants to be equally victimized but by far women get the worst of it, and kids… animals too.
          Men though… meh, we don’t have it so bad, in my opinion anyway, were usually the ones creating the violence.

  • I’m assuming it had bricked out within its lifetime and it’s the equivalent of dropping a brick on her head. I hope he goes to jail.

  • This is what constitutes gaming news… Domestic violence with the weapon being a console.

    I think I need to spend less time on this site.

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