Total War: Rome II Is Out Today

Make sure to watch your back while slaughtering armies and conquering all those cities, lest you end up lying in a pool of your own blood. Don’t follow the trailer’s example, folks.


  • OK, so what’s the hype on this one? I’ve been missing something I think, because to me, the original Rome was a step backward from the awesomeness of Medieval and the original Shogun. What’s got folks so excited?

  • It unlocked on Steam yesterday evening. And it’s GLORIOUS!

    TW: Rome was my strategy game of choice. The others paled into comparison … even the later ones. I’m only about half way through the prologue but I’m really enjoying it so far. The full campaign will be great.

    • How are you finding the world-map stuff.. how does it compare to Rome 1? Is it more involved or less involved? I think what I liked about the original TW is more about the scale of the map than anything and so of course because it was a bigger scale, the regions and city-states were smaller and more manageable than I perceive them to be in Rome 1….

      • Strategy map stuff is much more like Napoleon than the old Rome. That said, I’m not that fr in so it’s hard to gauge.

        You move from province to province along movement paths and are blocked by terrain; It feels like the movement paths are fixed, but it the presentation is incredibly slick and seamless.

        The city management and technology trees are a lot more involved than the original Rome. I think there will be a lot more strategy involved there. I’m still getting a handle on Army management as I’m not far enough to get a good feel for it.

        The battle map is a thing of beauty. When you zoom down the the individual units, they chatter away to each other. In combat morale is a lot more unforgiving this time and something you really need to manage. It’s a lot more difficult to pull off a victory with an outnumbered force.

        I’m really enjoying it so far. I can’t wait to continue this evening.

  • I too find Rome Total War to be the best of the series, for it’s diversity of units, the scale of the campaign map and it’s attempt to capture an essence of history (though I can understand why some think the game is a bit off in terms of historical accuracy).

    Shogun 2 had a much better gameplay experience (the battles and managing your nation) but lacked in the areas that Rome was good at.

    So hopefully Rome 2 will be a merge of these two games and we’ll get the best of both worlds. Definitely looking forward to playing this at some point.

  • Feels great so far, but I’d like to see your generals / family members collated into a single area and made more accessible (that aspect is a pain currently). If it doesn’t look as good as you expect make sure to check the “Unlimited Video Memory” box in the graphical options as it will downgrade your graphics without telling you and despite whatever options you set otherwise.

    I’m hoping some optimization comes soon, I doubt SLI is working.

  • the cinematic view in battles is a nice touch. got a few days off to properly get used to the new interface which I couldn’t get my head round in shogun 2. I love the Roman era though so it should be a lot easier to play

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