Dark Souls, Hitman Absolution And Dead Space 2 Are 75% Off On Steam

Look, we don't update every single time games get majorly reduced on Steam (that would be a little boring) but ladies and gentlemen: Dark Souls. Dark Souls is 75% off on Steam. This is arguably one of the greatest games of the last five years going for $12.48US. You should think about getting on that.

Dark Souls is the star of the show here, clearly, but there are a number of other great deals in Steam's midweek madness sale. Hitman Absolution is $6.24US and Dead Space 2 is $4.99.

So, yeah. Dark Souls. It's an amazing video game and the type of game that new people are playing every day. Getting into Dark Souls should probably be on the bucket list of anyone who enjoys video games. This is as good a time as any.


    Dark Souls has been as low as US$7.49 - I'd suggest people wait unless they wish to play it now.

      I wouldn't.

      That five dollar difference really isn't that much. It's an amazing game and any price under $20 is good.

        Like I said, if you want to play it now, buy it. It's a good price.

        If it's just going on top of your Pile of Shame, you may as well wait until it's $7.49 or cheaper.

    Yep saw this earlier today and im going to jump on this as soon as I get home.

    I pretty much stalk steamgamesales.com. Love me some Steam sales.

    Anyone picking this game up should know two very important things:

    1) The keyboard and mouse controls are ass. Use a controller. The controls don't follow any standardised control scheme but they really do work quick well.

    2) Get DSFix. It's a mod that vastly improves the PC version of the game, which was an unfortunately sloppy port. The whole sloppy port thing is more of a problem for the more master race-ey among us but DSFix does a good job of fixing most of it.

      Using an Xbox controller and installing DSFix helped a lot in my enjoyment of the game. I also added a few mods that bring some of the awful textures up to a higher res. It now looks great, plays great, and makes me mad as hell.

      +1. Controller + DSFix made it perfect.

    Check out the bundle cost for Dead Space + Dead Space 2:
    Dead Space 2: $4.99
    Dead Space: $14.99
    Bundle cost: $84.98

    Someone may want to tell Steam their math is a little off.

    Both Dark Souls and Dead Space 2 really both require an xbox controller for maximum enjoyment imho.

    Hey anybody who might want to buy Dead Space 2 for $5, save yourself even more money and buy the Dead Space pack (1 and 2) for only $85, it's a 400% increase on buying the games individually!

      Played all the DS games with my KB and mouse, could never use a pad with them. Aiming would be soo much harder.

        Yeah it is hardish, but to me that was how it was designed and added to the scary vibe. Dead Space was actually the game that made me finally go out and get a wired 360 controller - the mouse just felt so sluggish and I knew that the slower aiming speed was part of the design.

        Actually it was 50% Dead Space 1, and 50% Geometry Wars. I'm a Kb/M player from way back, but getting a wired controller feels like one of the best gaming related purchases I've made for my PC.

          Added to the scary? I found DS stressful to play, the atmosphere was so relentless. It was very satisfying after a month of playing to hear a noise, turn and put 1 round through every limb of a necro on reflex.

          I hear what you're saying about the pad, but I definitely didn't need anything to increase the difficulty. Plus the mouse + kb controls for DS were terrible.

          But DS2 was much better and I just don't want to talk about DS3. Big fall in quality imo.

    Awww come on I just brought State of Decay & Take Down: Red Sabre on Steam yesterday. lol

    Dammit @markserrels! I got my first exposure to the Souls games at @blaghman's place over the weekend. It was Demon's Souls and naturally it brutalised me. But I really want to try Dark Souls as most people say its better, and now you go and post this. Although, maybe I can hold my ground since I dont have a gamepad controller... How much are they again?

      About $40.

      You can use PS3 controllers, if you have one. You have to fiddle around with them a bit, but once they start working they tend to stay working.

    I've tried twice to get into Dark Souls; I can see it is a great RPG, and beating the first boss was an extremely rewarding experience, but things have always come up in my life when I've attempted to play it further.

    This will give me another chance to play it again, but, with that said, I'm currently finishing year 12 and that sucks mega dick. At least I'll own it to be picked up at a later date though.

    Last edited 25/09/13 7:14 pm

    I was excited to play Dark Souls after hearing so many good things about it. It was not what I expected. One day I'll return to this game but for now I'm happy to leave it. I couldn't get over what a shoddy port it was. The keys don't even follow the prompts on the screen. The mapping is clunky, the textures were ugly and it was just a mess altogether. I pretty much quit once I realized that END was the key for the menu. END. I had to visibly look for my End button on my laptop because I didn't know my Laptop still had one.

    So for those who are fickle, just a word of warning. It looks like a fantastic game but I don't have a spare controller to plug in or the effort to find PC fixes to everything wrong with it.

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