DayZ, You're Looking Much Nicer

DayZ's proper, fancy and upgraded commercial release draws nearer, and in this clip creator Dean Hall takes you through a lot of the latest tweaks, additions and changes made to the game.

Know this is wonky, but that's the point. Hall is giving you a look at the development process, so don't sweat the animations. It's a work in progress!


    i hate the sentence "shoot on sight mentality" its pretty lame. As player of the original mod i loathe that my choice to shoot other players means if i shoot somebody in the shoulder its going to ruin all my loot. Who keeps magazines on their shoulder? the fact that he's proud to demonstrate if you shoot an object anywhere its inherently damaged everywhere seems bizarre. Player killing is the core experience, mutilating it with half baked realism is foolish.

    edit: nerfing the third person camera is probably the right move, even in ARMA 3 we all still use this to see over rocks and cover

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      Player killing is the core experience,

      Unfortunately it devolved into this due to a lack of any other purpose. I was really hoping DayZ would be more co-op with a few bandits rather than basically a PvP FPS set in a zombie stained landscape... It became the strong and major focus of the game to be a PvP FPS and that's when I stopped playing.

      However, I have 7DaysToDie now, so I am happy :)

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      It's definitely not the core experience, remember Dean wanted the game to be more about survival, not shooting literally everyone. I think it's excellent to have some of these intriguing new game-play mechanics, as it was a little shallow after a while. I don't know if you've stepped over to the Subreddit at all, but it's teaming with people who love this stuff, I for one welcome it.

      You're right about the 3rd person camera, that's the 1 thing that needs to be set back so that there's no huge advantage for using it.

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        its the core experience in the current mod as the zombies are nothing more than a spotting mechanic and a hindrance, what was talked about very early was making the zombies more of a threat with hordes and potentially fortifying windows and doors. After seeing the state of the zombies in the August video its clear not much has been accomplished in the zombie animations. having to entirely start that from scratch means we wont see this for a lot longer. Hearing "Shoot on sight mentality" is annoying because it tarnishes the aggressive playstyle lots of us have come to love and caters to casuals. Some of us don't want to be "friendly" and we should be forced to through broken pseudo realism. Agreed it needs to be a zombie game, not a carebears cuddle factory.

          It's not really a core experience though (I'm not trying to cause an argument), it was a byproduct of something that could never be avoided. The engine code for AI and animation was always hard baked into the underlying layers. They could never edit / add anything that could change the way they acted, and it was never the intended experience, says Dean.

          I do agree though, Zombies got less and less scary. Which was a total bummer. I also concur that the KOS isn't necessarily a bad thing, I enjoy facing off against people who play that to their advantage. It's something that should run along side a lot of other things in order to make it a successful game.

          Care Bears Cuddle factory, why not have that as an enter-able building.

          "tarnishes the aggressive playstyle lots of us have come to love and caters to casuals"

          Parts of what you said I totally agree with, I just loathe your elitism and arrogance. It's amazing how few gamers actually realise how prejudiced they actually are.

            hahahah i'm still baffled you can't run handcuffed. Why even bother to implement a key if you can just wiggle out of them anyway. The handcuffs are just wrong and if they're like "oh but eventually you'll be able to do such and such with handcuffs" then wow. eventually is not something we want to keep hearing from these guys.

      Actually mate, shooting another player in the shoulder will only damage their shirt. Dean was using the vest as an example when he was talking about the magazines also being damaged, which makes sense as the vest has magazine pouches.

      This might lead to players only storing two or three magazines in their vest and the rest in their backpack, which I feel is a realistic representation of what would happen in real life.

      I suppose he could go even further and define the magazine pouches on the vest as a seperate entity to the vest itself so the engine could diffirentiate beetween a shot hitting the chest plate and a shot hitting a magazine pouch.

      It would be cool to see something like manuals as rare ingame items, and players possessing those manuals could repair items. For instance, a player possessing a metal work manual could repair magazines and other metal items, or a gunsmith manual could repair firearms. Maybe limit manuals to 1 per 100 players or something like that.

        diffirentiate beetween a shot hitting the chest plate and a shot hitting a magazine pouch.
        thanks for clarifying the shirt thing, still you're right.. it needs to be more responsive rather than shoot anywhere break everything

    what I learnt is, shot them in the head or feet.

    That is absolutely bizarre hearing a New Zealand accent in a game development video. Make that "how bizarre". Sorry, New Zealand joke. And a terrible one at that.

      Don't worry, I thought it was a good joke Dad.

    i dunno, im just looking forward to rocking out while i get handcuffed.

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