Declare Your GTA V Allegiance: Michael, Franklin Or Trevor?

Declare Your GTA V Allegiance: Michael, Franklin or Trevor?

Three men enter. One man leaves. It's time. Grand Theft Auto V has three main characters. Three sweaty, gun-wielding dudes, all vying for your precious attention and energy. "Play with us," they implore. "We're so lonesome without you. Come and play!"

By now, most of you with the game have probably played enough to have a favourite character. And so, we're gonna settle this with a vote:

I'd also love to see you justify your vote in the comments below. If you could list your favourite in the comments with no spoilers unless clearly marked, we'll get to the bottom of who loves whom the best, and why.


    Havent played much story up to second heist, I chose Michael cos gang banger culture doesn't really interest me and Trevor seems like a bit of a cruel psycho from what I've seen. Michael reminds me of the 80s and Vice City was my favourite GTA so far.

      I totally agree with you
      the only problem with Michael is I find his character too story driven whereas Franklin is a little more open ended I just don't like enjoy playing him because it's too much like San Andreas... and Trevor well all I have to say is shit stained couch

      Agree, he reminds me too of an older and slightly calmer Tommy Vercetti

    I found Franklin the most likable, Trevor the funniest. Didn't hate Michael either.

      Trevor is unexpectedly hilarious. Now that I've donned him with Jack Nicholson hair and a massive beard, sporting a skew shirt over underpants, I dont care for using anyone else.

        Haha! I think our Trevor has the same haircut and beard. I dress him up as redneck like as possible though. So fun.

        I agree i think trevor is the funniest and i like to play as him and do wild things because i already completed the game

      Sidevote! Upvote for liking Franklin. Downvote for liking Trevor.
      HE IS SCUM. Well. And not my kind of scum.

    I like Franklin because of his special ability. Why brake when you can slow down time?

    Michael - Can't really put my finger on it, but I really like Michael. Maybe it's because he always had the most money, best house and family life I found interesting.
    Franklin - Driving ability
    Trevor - Pretty neutral towards him. His appearance and voice annoys me, but his special ability is a life saver at times.

    In that order!

    I like Michael. He's cynical, has a dry sense of humour and when he broods, he broods well. They're all pretty entertaining in their own ways.

    Franklin is pretty one dimensional thus far. Michael, while interesting in his own right, is in the middle of a midlife crisis where he's completely lost his identity. Trevor on the other hand has arguably some of the funniest comments/moments in the game. He's random and more complex, thus more entertaining.

      Yeah I dont care for Franklin at all because of how one dimensional he is. Trevor might be a psycho, but he's an amazingly entertaining psycho with some rather interesting hangups. Oh and agreed on Michael too, the family in treatment shtick gets old fast.

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        I wouldn't consider Trevor as psycho since he is always aware of what he is doing and shows compassion and sympathy towards characters.

        Beauty of playing as Trevor too is that you can play over-the-type and not restrained or subtle-like. Seems like the way he'd act, so it gives you an excuse to go crazy in the game. XD

    Franklin felt way too much like a cut & paste CJ for my taste, its where I felt the game could have really benefited from the female protagonist. Even in the same situation a female character would have felt fresher

    Michael, I like how he is clean cut, wears suits and has his plans together... He comes off as kind of like Clooney in Oceans 11, confident and in control.

    I really like Trevor as well, but I would want him to be a friend, not be him myself... Like, good to have around for a laugh, but too chaotic a life to live.

    Franklin reminds me of CJ a lot and that's good, I'm not really into gang culture, but he has his place and I don't mind him at all.

    I didn't put in a vote simply because I can't decide which one is my favourite. I switch between all three characters pretty regularly and I've never had a moment where I've said "Oh great, I've gotta use this guy again."

    Story wise - Michael
    Fun wise - Trevor
    Driving - Franklin

    Overall it's Trevor. Michael and Trevor bring new things to GTA such as Michael being a family man and Trevor is just batshit drugged out crazy. Franklin doesn't do much, not sure why Rockstar seem to like him the most.

    Also Trevor is the greatest hipster of all time

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      The Proto-Hipster!

    Franklin = San Andreas
    Michael = Vice City
    Trevor = The way we all actually play GTA

    MIchael is my favourite, although I played as Franklin the most ... molding him into a fine white collar criminal of my choosing

    Trevor all the way... Thou I really like all the characters. Trevor would be the first character in ages to have me constantly laughing out loud...

    Spoilers by the way ------- The second heist mission, where Micheal and Trevor are driving to pick up Lester at the bus top, the talk about Hipsters made me think... I might see if I can dress up Trevor as a Hipster and get Micheal and Trevor to hang out and see if Micheal will call him out on in..

    But really, hats off to Rockstar.. Not long now til Online - Then we gotta wait to see whats in store for the expansions

    I'm really surprised with how much I've enjoyed playing as Franklin. He's my go to guy for day trips due to driving and Chop. Also his clothing options are outstanding. I get a real kick out of wearing sports shirts of teams from Liberty City with him. Makes the world feel even bigger.

    Trevor makes me laugh so as a character he's possibly my favourite. I play the most as Franklin as I mentioned. I'm surprised by how apathetic I am to Michael. From his hunched over walking to his somewhat passive social skills, I wouldn't say he annoys me but he's by far my least favourite. Those that are saying he's like a calm Vercetti, I'd tend to agree. Tommy would never allow half the shit happen to him that Michael does. Vercetti is kind of like Michael and Trevor combined if you ask me.

    Online. Unfortunatley I can't vote for it, but that is where my time will be spent.

    I played Michael the most during my 35 hours of gameplay but I enjoyed playing Trevor the most.. I felt that Michael was the generic character in GTA while Trevor allow me to do things I wouldn't normally do.

    Trevor. He seems the most enlightened.


      Oh man, I loved this! I drove for 10 minutes just listening to the random variations of "let's go, scooter brother!".

    I love Trevor because for some reason controlling that insane bastard makes me want to create as much mayhem as possible. I'm not sure what it is, but I become a psychopath - murdering in cold blood, making a stoppage in a busy highway and blowing up it all to high heaven, madness I tell you! Normally I'm such a gentleman, I even stop at red lights if I'm not on a mission.

    All the characters have a charisma about them but Franklin seems to have less than mikey or trev. I don't know who I like more between them. Michael is awesome because of the way everything goes balls up on his life but Trevor is larger than life with his antics. But then I heard mike call trev a hipster so I'll say both of them

    Franklin's problem is he doesn't get enough story time. You use him at the start, but after that the story between Michael and Trevor dominates the rest of the game. His character may well have more depth to it but we never get to see it.

    As for favourite character, I don't know how any of you can vote for anyone but Trevor. The guy goes on murderous rampages at even the slightest hint of his Canadian accent.

    I hate Michael and Franklin. Michael seems to hate everyone and everything. Franklin's typical dialogue goes "fuck you Nigger, I'm down mother fucker" gets really tiresome after a while.

    Trevor is the most entertaining character and I find him more honest than Michael. He gets my vote

    Trevor - He's bald, he's full of sarcasm, and his Rampage missions are freaking BADASS
    Michael - His life and situation are really interesting. Feel sorry for the guy.
    Franklin - Most likable but his stand-alone missions are kinda boring cos i don't like black gangster culture tied with him.

    Trevor reminds me of my uncle.....He is cool to hang around but their is a strange meth side that pops out and does crazy never know what you're going to get.

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