Deep Down: Capcom's Next Gen Slasher Looks Like All The Video Games I Love

I'm fairly excited about Capcom's new next-gen title Deep Down, mainly because it looks like it plays like a whole bunch of games I already love: Dark Souls, Dead Space, Assassin's Creed. It seems to have that weighty combat I like and, obviously, it looks a little bit fantastic.

At yesterday's Sony conference Deep Down got a fresh showing and, ludicrous bouncy Japanese trailer soundtrack aside, it's looking pretty swish.

The above video shows the afore-mentioned trailer with its jaunty music number, but it also shows some off screen gameplay, which is of great interest to me.

It also appears as though Deep Down has that whole 'travelling through time via memories' thing going on. A pretty shameless steal from Assassin's Creed, but I'll forgive it if we get a great next-gen Capcom game with great combat.


    Really liked Dragons Dogma, so when this was teased at the PS4 launch, I was pretty hype.
    The more I find out about it though...
    Some things, such as randomly generated dungeons, I like.
    But other things, like being a multiplayer-focused game have me less hyped.

    The medieval futurism is... umm.... interesting to say the least.

    Gotta admit, it looks pretty sweet. It reminds me of the .hack// anime series - this is what futuristic RPGs look like. But it's always-online, multiplayer-focused. If there are two phrases that, when attached to a game, kill my enthusiasm, it would be "always online" and "multiplayer focused". Damn it.
    That aside, I gotta say that Capcom design some of the oddest looking dragons I've ever seen... Grigori looked like he lost his dentures, this one looks like a sad puppy...

    I felt like crying its so magnificent!! so proud to have grabbed one of the last day one ps4s so so proud and excited for the next gen and damn the FPS is really good no lag even with the particle effects

    First - Genetic memory was a concept well before Assassins Creed started using it, so they can't really take too much ownership over it.

    Second, that guy was taking waaaay too many hits for this to be like Dark Souls. He needs to either be carrying a shield, to to be parrying/rolling like a mother fucker.

    Still, looks good!

      Yea I know but AC was as far as I know was first to turn the idea in to a game and two yea I hope it wont end up a rage quit game like dark souls where you run around getting swarmed by monsters just to get from A to B it has a plot from I can tell though so I don't see deep down failing looks good.

      Last edited 10/09/13 4:15 pm

    Still wondering what SCE's involvement is in this and whether it means a timed exclusive or definite exclusive.

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