Desperate For New Titanfall Info? Watch This...

If you are as desperate for new info on Titanfall is me you'll happily watch a rubbish handheld capturing of in-game footage, like me. And still come away super excited to play it. Like me.

This is the intro video for the playable demo of Titanfall that was shown at PAX. It's a bit of a tuturial that gives you an introduction to the game and what it does differently from other shooters on the market.

I think that's the attraction for me. So many shooters just look, feel and play the same. Titanfall has elements of Call of Duty in its DNA, that's undeniable, but what we're seeing here is a team, drilled in what makes a shooter work, using their imaginations and asking themselves: 'how can we make this experience feel fresh and new?'

It's interesting: watching Titanfall just makes me realise that I wasn't burnt out on shooters, I was burned out on what it was they let me do. I was burned out on just how generic and ubiquitous the style of play was. A well-made multiplayer shooter that truly tries to give us new scope for strategies, a new feel, a new dimension. That's something I want to get in on at the ground level.

Very, very excited for this game.


    Hrmm.. that jumping around stuff has a little bit of Mirror's Edge feel to it also...

    It's still a shooter, like you say, but there is a bit more meat to it than others...


    This game needs to have giant spent bullet casings and huge empty magazines from the titans weapons dropping to the city street.

    That would be badass.

    God Dammit.


    God why!

    Go to look up more info about TitanStrike.

    Will be "Published by EA"
    THIS x a million^

    Thank you for vertical gameplay mechanics T_T. Hoping this brings back the feels from Gunz. I'll be the guy playing floor is hot lava. I feel like Hawken and twitch sniping skills will be tested too.

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